About us

Sensuali offers a judgment-free space for sex-positive humans to embrace their sensuality.

Sensuali the team Sensuali the team

The team

We are a small squad of passionate and open-minded folks who find inspiration in erotism, sensuality and human connections.

Sensuali our values  

Our values

Empowerment, trust, and exploration are the guiding principles behind everything we do. As an independent platform, we are on the path towards revolutionising the industry. By prioritising verification for all users and putting the power in your hands. Sensuali allows you to set your own terms and conditions. Consent is not just important to us— it is the very foundation of everything we stand for.

Sensuali our mission

Our mission

We want to shape the future and drive the sexual revolution forward. At Sensuali, we’re devoted to making your wildest dreams a reality. Our platform enables you to offer or seek sensual experiences within a safe, kink-positive, and inclusive environment. Whether you crave new connections, intimate encounters, or thrilling adventures, we provide the space to make it all happen.

Sensuali How it works

How it works

Sensuali is for 18+ only.  Whether you provide or seek sensual experiences, you must register to enjoy the full benefits:

♥  Offer or seek sensual experiences

♥  Set your own terms and conditions

♥  Connect with like-minded people online and meet in the real world


Let Sensuali connect you with a growing community of kink-positive experience-seekers.

Connect with professional adult service providers, from therapists, escorts, masseuses, dancers, dominatrices, sexual healers, content creators, artists, and sugar babies.

Choose Sensuali as your canvas and let your desires come to life.

Together, we can create a future where sensuality is glorified and sexuality is celebrated.


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