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Female, 48, Straight
London UK

Helping you prepare to have epic new sexual adventures

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Want a coach with vast life experience in the sexy world and a positive, shame-free approach? That's me. My coaching style is pleasure-led and upbeat - see my TEDx talk ‘Revamp Your Sex Life In Six Minutes’ (with over 2 million views) for my overall vibe.

My life’s purpose is the recognition of sexual energy as a force for good. I started out as a striptease artist, performing for over a decade. I also ran dance events; taught striptease; wrote about sex; helped set up the first union for adult industry workers in the UK; won an award for campaigning for erotic rights; and much more in the sexy world.

I combine my passion and vast life experience with a coaching diploma, to support coaching clients in understanding sex, desire and their bodies; who they are sexually; what they need for epic pleasure; and how to communicate this to partners.

I also teach striptease, helping you connect with and express your deepest erotic self.

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A sex coach’s guide to navigating new sexual experiences

A sex coach’s guide to navigating new sexual experiences

Ruth Ramsay
Posted by Ruth Ramsay

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Intending to try out a new sexual experience? Whether it's a threesome or a sex party, prepping yourself is essential. Qualified sex coach Ruth Ramsay gives her essential advice on how to ensure you get what you want, and have fun doing it.

Meet Ruth Ramsay: sex educator and coach

Meet Ruth Ramsay: sex educator and coach

Iso Ruth Ramsay
Co-authored by Iso & Ruth Ramsay

Saturday 23 March 2024

Curious to try new sexual experiences but not sure where to start? Meet Ruth Ramsay, providing shame-free, upbeat 1-1 coaching and online courses that will guide you in your journey of sexual liberation.

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Female, Straight
My experiences are for Couple, Female, Gender fluid, Intersex, Male, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: London UK
48 years old
I speak English
180 cm
Party Sometimes
No Piercings
A few Tattoos

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