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I’m Ayame, a Japanese London-based illustrator deeply passionate about kink and fetish art. I have a fascination with erotic art, known for its intricate detail and emotional depth.
This influence is deeply embedded in my work, where I blend traditional Japanese techniques with my own unique style, creating art that speaks to the soul of the kink and fetish community.

Each of my illustrations is a labor of love, a celebration of the diverse, inclusive, and expressive world of kink.

Living in London, I am continually inspired by the city’s vibrant kink scene. It’s a place where ideas flow freely and creativity knows no bounds. I collaborate with various local and international artists, contributing my art to magazines, websites, and community events with different pseudonyms ( i want to stay discreet ).

Through my illustrations, I aim to challenge misconceptions about the kink and fetish community and advocate for a world where everyone’s unique desires are embraced and celebrated.

I can do custom artwork for you please dm me if you want a collaboration.


Female(She), Queer
I'm open to Female, Gender fluid, Male, Non Binary
27 years old
I speak English
161 cm
A few Piercings
A few Tattoos

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