violetwhite Artist London



Female, Bisexual, London

custom-made erotica by yours truly.

Art model audio dollification
Cece Artist Paris
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Female, Bisexual, Paris

Im a curious visual artist that look for experiences related with shibari and performance

Erotic Art


Artist & Content creator

Male, Straight, Nijmegen

In the realm of sexual deviances I am more into the creative part of it, creating wonderful one-off experiences with other like minded people. Community is shaped by bringing something to the fore, and everybody has something to offer.

live show performances Photo
Yeehaaw_ Artist Paris



Male, Straight, Paris

Gonza Banegas is an artist known for his captivating erotic drawings. Born in Argentina, currently based in the artistic hub of Paris, Gonza's work is influenced by the city's vibrant energy and diverse artistic scene. His drawings exude sensuality and evoke a deep connection to the human experience, exploring themes of desire, intimacy, and vulnerability.

Art drawings Erotic Art Kink art
Sasha_luana Artist Bern



Female, Bicurious, Bern

Hi! I really enjoy creating personal dance routines just for you. Wether it’s a song take makes you go all 😈 and you always wanted to see someone dance to, or maybe it’s just the trill of having this special dance just for YOU - I’m happy to please all of your desires💖

Personalized dance Rinsing
Lissalovessx Artist London


Artist & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

Just a welsh girl, that loves sex, art and pleasure. I'm currently exploring the world of still and moving image, with erotic play. Finding my artist style through authentic experience and beautiful sensual imagery. (find my naughty videos on OF) I also paint kink, sex and pleasure with my online sex work feeding heavily into my creations. Personal portraits are available.

Fetish Modeling Nude Modeling
ArmandoCabba Artist Paris


Artist & Content creator

Male, Queer, Paris

Painting Happy Little Clits

Erotic Art


Artist & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, Brighton and Hove

sensual and seductive, I am a woman exploring her sexuality and desires - and sharing it with you all 🤍

Dominatrix Fetish and Kink
Ayame Artist London
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Artist & Content creator

Female, Queer, London

One Brushstroke at a Time

Book Illustration Painting
VicAdams Artist Horsham
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Female, Bicurious, Horsham

Portrait artist offering kinky portrait commissions.

Portrait commissions
Cubes Artist London
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Male, Straight, London

I'm 36 y old, artistic soul,polite, looking for some adventure,with couple. I'm straight, sory but no experience with this type of meetings.... we can do the psychedelic body painting;)

Life Drawing Body Painting
What is an artist?

What is an artist?

Is my paintbrush turning you on?

A sensual or erotic artist is an individual who creates visual art, including paintings, drawings or digital media that explores themes of sensuality, intimacy, and human sexuality. These artists use their creative expression to evoke emotional and sensual responses in the viewer.

What makes it hot?

Expressive imagery: Sensual and erotic art often employs vivid and expressive imagery that taps into the viewer's emotions, inviting them to explore their own desires and fantasies.

Celebration of beauty: These artists celebrate the beauty of the human form, capturing the nuances of sensuality and intimacy in a way that can be both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally stirring.

Artistic exploration: Sensual and erotic art provides a platform for artists to explore the diverse expressions of human sexuality, challenging societal norms and offering alternative perspectives.

While explicit content may be intended for mature audiences, sensual or erotic art can also explore themes of intimacy and sensuality in a more subtle and tasteful manner suitable for a broader audience.

Sadly, in today's climate it depends on cultural norms and regulations. Some societies embrace such art in public spaces, while others may have more conservative views. Always consider the context and audience. Sensuali is a space where you're free to share and advertise erotic art without restriction.

Yes, for many individuals, engaging with sensual art can be a form of self-care, providing a space for relaxation, reflection, and a positive connection with one's own sensuality.


Consent and respect: If using models, ensure explicit consent and treat them with respect. Respect their comfort levels and boundaries throughout the artistic process.

Diverse representation: Strive for diversity and inclusivity in your art. Represent different body types, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds to create a more inclusive and relatable body of work.

Encourage dialogue: Use your art to encourage open dialogue about sensuality, intimacy, and sexuality. Foster discussions that challenge stereotypes and promote understanding.


No exploitation: Refrain from creating art that exploits or objectifies individuals. Art should celebrate sensuality and intimacy without compromising the dignity and respect of the subjects.

Harmful stereotypes: Be mindful of perpetuating harmful stereotypes or reinforcing unhealthy power dynamics in your art. Strive for representations that are empowering and respectful.

Skip artistic integrity: While considering the audience is important, don't compromise your artistic integrity solely for commercial appeal. Authenticity and true expression are key to creating impactful and meaningful art.