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Female, 36, Straight, Tunbridge Wells

Belle Lauralei, Sensualist and Pleasure Priestess

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Hello, I am Laura and I am a Sensualist and a lover of life and all of the eroticism that can be found within all of it's delicious layers. My passion is guiding others into a more glorious lifestyle by helping to unearth their passions, their powers and their unique sexual expression.
As a Pleasure Domina, I offer men enriching experiences that will help them surrender into the softer arms of the Feminine, guiding them into their empowered and openhearted Masculine. Using Tantric offerings of erotic worshipping rituals inspired by the Sacred Prostitutes, I hold and invite them back to divine love and pleasure.
As a Sensual Priestess, I work with Women to enhance their days with all of the sensual pleasures available to them be it the eroticism of nature, their own breath, the beauty of their body and the importance of the autonomous pleasure.
I offer one to one work as well as holding space for groups.

Meet all round Sensualist, Belle Lauralei

Meet all round Sensualist, Belle Lauralei

Posted by Iso

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Sensuali chatted with Belle Lauralei, the all round sensualist and lover of erotica. We spoke about how supporting men and the masculine is integral to achieving a harmonious society, the struggle of living in a mind-led world that disconnects us from our bodies, and how more women need to view femininity as a power rather than a weakness.

Female(She), Straight
I'm open to Couple, Female, Male
Current location: Tunbridge Wells (GB)
36 years old
I speak English
5'2 ft
No Party
A few Piercings
A few Tattoos

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