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Dancer & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, Sheffield

I am a stripper and pole dance instructor. I am a lover of all things erotic and providing sensory tantalising experiences. I am experienced in strip club and private work. I love to provide companionship, company and pleasure through stripping and lap dancing.

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Therapist & Content creator

Female, Straight, Tunbridge Wells

Belle Lauralei, Sensualist and Pleasure Priestess

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Male, Gay, London

Live 4 love. Dance or die.

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What is striptease?

Can I tease you with a strip?

Striptease is a sensual and erotic performance in which an individual gradually removes clothing in a provocative and seductive manner, typically with the intention of arousing or entertaining an audience. It's often performed in the context of adult entertainment venues or as a form of intimate expression between partners.

What makes it hot?

Teasing and anticipation: Striptease builds anticipation as the performer slowly reveals their body, creating a sense of mystery and excitement.

Sensuality: The deliberate and graceful movements, combined with the choice of music and attire, contribute to a heightened sense of sensuality.

Empowerment: Both the performer and the audience can find empowerment in the celebration of the body and the act of confidently expressing one's sexuality.

Visual stimulation: The visual appeal of the human body, coupled with the element of fantasy, makes striptease visually stimulating and arousing.

Playfulness: Striptease often involves an element of playfulness, allowing individuals to explore their sexuality in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

No, striptease can be enjoyed by individuals in the context of intimate relationships as well. It's not limited to professional performers.

While some dance skills can enhance a striptease, the most important aspect is confidence and a willingness to express sensuality.

Yes, many people use striptease as a form of self-expression and body celebration, both for personal enjoyment and as a performance for others.


Start slow: Begin the striptease gradually, emphasising teasing and anticipation to build excitement.

Eye contact: Connect with your audience or partner through eye contact to enhance the intimacy of the performance.Incorporate Props: Consider using props or accessories to add variety and creativity to the striptease.

Communicate comfort: If performing for a partner, communicate your comfort level, and establish clear boundaries to ensure a positive experience.


Rush the process: Avoid rushing through the striptease. The appeal lies in the gradual and deliberate nature of the performance.

Neglect consent: Always ensure that any striptease performance is consensual and mutually enjoyable for all involved.

Disregard comfort zones: Respect personal comfort zones and avoid pushing yourself or your partner into activities that feel uncomfortable.

Ignore body language: Pay attention to body language and verbal cues to gauge the comfort and enjoyment of the audience or partner.

Overlook safety: Be cautious about the environment; ensure there are no tripping hazards or obstacles that could compromise safety during the performance.