Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration. In this blog, we shine a spotlight on androgynosexuality along with other unconventional types of sexuality. Join us as we celebrate the diversity of human sexuality and invite everyone, regardless of their orientation, to experience the inclusive and welcoming world of Sensuali.

Unraveling Androgynosexuality

Insights into Androgynosexuality
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Many of us have heard the term androgynous, which is defined as “having the characteristics or nature of both male and female” or “neither specifically feminine nor masculine.” Androgynosexuality, meanwhile, is a sexual orientation that encompasses the attraction to both men and women. It recognizes the beauty and allure of individuals who possess an androgynous essence, whether it be in their physical appearance, personality, or energy. 

Androgynosexuality challenges traditional notions of sexual attraction by embracing a fluid and inclusive understanding of gender. It celebrates the diversity of gender identities and expressions, inviting individuals from all backgrounds to explore their desires and connections beyond the binary constructs of male and female. 

As someone who is endearingly teased by my lovers – most of whom are beautiful hipster boys that are very effeminate – for reminding them of a teenage boy due to my short hair, boyish features, lanky frame, lack of boobs, and mischievous, sometimes bro-y demeanor, I think androgynosexuality aptly describes me and the people I tend to find myself attracted to (still working on manifesting a Ruby Rose into my life). 

While I’m personally not really one for labels, I can’t deny the beauty of the gender-identity and sexual-orientation fluidity renaissance the world is currently undergoing. Less than 20 years ago, homophobic slurs were prevalently used in everyday conversations. Androgynous people were accused of being in denial of their gayness. Gender identity was rarely discussed and people had a hard time believing that a person could be anything other than straight or gay. To reflect back on how far society has come since then truly warms my heart and gives me hope for the future, even in such uncertain times. 

Sexual Wellness: Nurturing Pleasure and Consent

Sensuali Blog: Sexual Wellness
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Sexual wellness is a vital aspect for embracing androgynosexuality and fostering a healthy relationship with yourself and others. It encompasses practices and attitudes that prioritize open communication, boundaries, consent, and pleasure. By nurturing sexual wellness, you can create safe and pleasurable environments for self-discovery and intimate connections.

Effective communication serves as the foundation for healthy and satisfying sexual experiences. Before you can even stand a chance at skillfully and successfully expressing your needs and desires to your partner, it is of paramount importance to first check in with yourself. I and many others I know have been out of touch with our truths, both sexually and spiritually, for most of our lives. Our authentic selves have been blurred by societal expectations and our tendency to be people-pleasers. 

For instance, our sexual preferences may be overly influenced by porn or what we internalize as being “cool” or “trendy” (i.e anal play or dehumanizing dominance). Many of us – feminine energies especially – have a tendency to prioritize what we think our partner wants over finding the overlap of what satiates both our needs (i.e the gal who goes along with her boyfriend’s yearning to have a threesome for fear of losing him rather than a genuine interest in partaking). 

Once we have had an honest inner dialogue about our preferences, it’s time to express ourselves to our partners, and to hold space for them to express their desires to us. By engaging in open and candid conversations, lovers can build trust and create mutually fulfilling experiences.

Exploring and establishing boundaries is an extension of open communication. It involves understanding and respecting personal limits, as well as the boundaries of others. By discussing boundaries in a judgment-free manner, sexual partners can expand their experiences and foster deeper connections.

Consent is another essential aspect of sexual wellness that involves obtaining clear and enthusiastic agreement from all parties involved. Doing so helps ensure that everyone is comfortable and willing to participate. Consent should be ongoing, revocable, and respect individual boundaries.

Personal pleasure is the final part of sexual wellness I will touch upon here. This involves understanding your desires, exploring different forms of pleasure, and prioritizing self-care. By embracing pleasure as a priority, you can enhance your sexual experiences and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and fulfillment.

Auralism: Exploring Sensuality through Sound

Sensuali Blog: Auralism
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Now that we’ve done a deep dive into androgynosexuality, let’s explore another sexual preference that challenges societal norms: auralism. Auralism is a fascinating aspect of human sexuality that explores the intimate connection between sound and sensuality. It is a form of sexual arousal that originates from various sounds and can greatly enhance the sexual experience. Sounds such as whispers, moans, music, or even the rustling of sheets can evoke intense pleasure and deepen the sensual connection.

By embracing auralism, individuals can engage in sensory exploration, expanding their understanding of pleasure beyond traditional stimuli. Sensuali recognizes the significance of sound in human sexuality and provides a platform for individuals to share their unique experiences and connect with others who appreciate the power of sound in sensual exploration.

The world of auralism is vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of sounds that can evoke pleasure and enhance intimacy. From the soft whisper in your ear to the rhythmic beats of music that sync with your body’s desires, the possibilities for sensory exploration are endless. Some individuals may find themselves captivated by the sound of rain falling gently outside their window (where are my ASMR peeps at?!), while others may be aroused by the sound of their partner’s breath quickening in the heat of passion. The beauty of auralism lies in its ability to tap into our senses, creating a deeper connection between sound and pleasure.

Sensuali provides a space where individuals can openly discuss and explore auralism. It offers a platform for sharing experiences, fantasies, and even creating audio content that stimulates the senses. Whether you are a seasoned explorer of aural pleasure or just beginning to dip your toes into this realm, Sensuali welcomes you to embrace your unique desires and connect with others who share your interests.

Objectum Sexuality: Celebrating Love Beyond Conventional Boundaries

Sensuali Blog: Objectum Sexuality
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While exploring the diverse spectrum of human sexuality, it is important to acknowledge orientations beyond the mainstream. Objectum sexuality is one such orientation, where individuals experience romantic or sexual attraction to inanimate objects. This may seem unfamiliar or unconventional to some, but it is essential to foster understanding and acceptance of diverse orientations within the broader context of human sexuality.

Objectum sexuality challenges societal norms and reminds us that love and attraction can transcend conventional boundaries. For those who identify as objectum sexual, their emotional and intimate connections with objects are just as valid and meaningful as any other form of love. By recognizing and accepting objectum sexuality, we embrace the richness and complexity of human desire and promote a more inclusive understanding of what it means to love.

By providing a safe space that reveres authenticity and sexual wellness, Sensuali strives to create an inclusive environment where sexual diversity is accepted and celebrated.
We invite you to embrace your unique desires and
embark on a journey of sensual exploration

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