I recently had the pleasure of meeting an ethereal 20-year-old by the name of Anastasia. We instantly bonded over our love of astrology and all things wellness. Alongside three other elevated psychonauts, we tripped on ketamine. Talk about vibes. At some point or another, What is the O-Method?

Sensuali Blog: The O-Method
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Anastasia and I began talking about the power of manifestation. She looked at me and said, “You know about the O-Method, right? It’s literally been changing my life. It’s the reason why I’m here tonight with all of you magical people.” I was flummoxed. “No, tell me more!” I exclaimed. And so she did: 

Anastasia: “Well you know how a woman’s yoni is full of power?” 

Jules: “Yes! Like how when we are menstruating, it’s the time we are most in touch with our intuition and divine femininity.”

Anastasia: “Exactly! So basically the O-Method taps into that. You visualize the thing you want to manifest at the time of orgasm.”

Jules: “Oh my god! That makes so much sense and I need to try immediately.”

I wondered to myself why I had never heard of this before. Vision boards and manifestation meditations were certainly in my wheelhouse, but the O-Method was something new to me – at least on an intellectual level. To some degree, it felt like I had already been practicing some version of it for much of my adult life, although not nearly as consciously or intentionally as the way Anastasia was describing it. 

After our convo, I did a deep dive on the O-Method and soon came to realize why I had been in the dark for so long. It’s a trend that first appeared on TikTok in 2021 and which has since gone viral. Since I’m basically a luddite – an old soul millennial who spends most of her time hanging out with much older people and who has never had the urge to download TikTok – it made total sense why I had been so late to jump on the O-Method bandwagon. 

The O-Method is a modern twist on the ancient practice of tantraa multifaceted tradition that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of life, aiming to awaken individuals to a higher level of awareness and consciousness through meditation, breath work, chanting, yoga, ritual ceremonies, and sacred sexuality. 

Tikok witchfluencer, @hothighpriestess, explains it best:

“This energy is so fucking powerful. It creates life, so when you tap into this, you’re literally opening up a portal in the fucking universe to create your manifestation. So when you orgasm you are going to visualize exactly what it is you want as if you already have it, because after you do this, it is yours. You have opened the fucking portal. You have seen the future. You are vibrating at that frequency.”


Replying to @hothighpriestess 🧿🤍 to help y’all w the o method i’m hooking you up with t0ys 👀 l!nk on my prof!le, you’re welcome🤍✨

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A highly intuitive practice, the O-Method essentially harnesses the kundalini life force energy that flows especially strongly through a woman’s sacral chakra and channels it into an intention. The moment I learned about it was the moment I knew that 1. I needed to try it out for myself ASAP and 2. I needed to share my insights about it with the world in the form of this blog post. 

Optimizing the O-Method

As much as I enjoy orgasming in the company of a sexual partner, I innately knew that the O-Method would be most powerful if done in a solo masturbation session. Although I’m able to fully bask in the present moment when having a sexual encounter with someone – thanks to my tantric practice – much of my energy goes towards my partner because I want to make sure they are feeling as much pleasure as I am. When it comes to manifestation, the more power behind it, the better. So I resolved myself to setting aside a quiet afternoon of solitude and implementing the 5 step-guide outlined below:

1. Prep your mind, body, and space for a day of flow. 

Sensuali Blog: Prep your mind, body, and space
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Just like another person can be a distraction / energy leak , so too can a cluttered mind and space. I notice that I tend to have the most productive days when I follow this 6-step morning routine: 

  • Wake up and do a 20 minute session of Transcendental Meditation
  • Drink 16-32 ounces of warm lemon water.
  • Journal three pages worth of morning pages.
  • Do some light exercise (i.e 20 minutes of walking outside, YouTube pilates) followed by a quick yoga sesh.
  • Clean up – first the body, then the space. This includes taking a nice, long shower, making my bed and putting everything back where it belongs.

By the time this 3 hour routine is complete, my naturally restless mind is calm and I am ready to embark on the day ahead with focus and vigor.

2. Set the mood. 

Now that your headspace is in check, you can go about your day with ease. When the countdown to your O-Method exercise begins, it’s time for a vibe check. What can you do in order to satiate your 5 senses in a way that enhances them without overpowering them?

I did another 20 minutes of meditation to allow myself time to think about about what combination of elements would best set me up for success. Here were the considerations that came to mind: 

  • Sight: In the world of Jules, lighting is everything. The soft, sunlight of late afternoon flooded through my window – enough so that the use of an overhead light felt quite unnecessary. Meanwhile, opposite my bed was my vision board posted onto the wall, featuring the ashram I plan to start one day.
  • Smell: Lavender relaxes the mind and fills it with positive thoughts. So after saging my space to clear any bad juju, I loaded my diffuser with lavender essence oil and let it rip. 
  • Sound: Music is a form of sound healing that can help you get really in the mood but it’s easy to overdo it, to the point where the sound becomes the main show. To avoid this, I selected a playlist I put together a while back called Good Vibes. It features world music full of funky sounds and minimal lyrics – allowing me to feel energized by the high vibrations while ensuring my conscious mind isn’t overly engaged.
  • Taste: Based on my experiences meditating, it’s always best to make sure your tummy is nourished without being overly satiated. This ensures that your body is neither yearning for sustenance nor expelling energy digesting food. I had had a sizable brunch 5 or so hours beforehand, so I opted for a light snack – a bowl of fresh berries drizzled with honey and some mint tea.
  • Touch: While I have a wide selection of vibrators to choose from when fiending for an orgasm, something within me told me that simply using my hand to achieve climax was the way to go. In the same way that I wanted to avoid human distractions, I felt like a robot pleasure-enhancer would be a means of surrendering my sexual power to an outside force. As I nestled under my soft silk sheets, I took a few deep breaths and prepared myself for lift-off.

3. Takeoff and transcend.  

Sensuali Blog: The Goddess Jules Vision Board
The Goddess Jules Vision Board

I know my body well and can achieve orgasm in a ridiculously short amount of time if I so choose. But this time around, I wanted to savor every moment. So I began slowly, building my way up to a release with the patience of a Buddhist monk.

I caressed my skin, appreciating its softness in a way I never had before. With each deep, intentional breath I took, the tingling sensation on my clitoris intensified. About seven minutes in, I was ready to climax. Eyes closed and with a clear visual of my ashram in mind, I took one final inhale before releasing a blissful symphony of pleasure and moans out into the world. 

4. Contemplative Reflection 

Lying in my bed smiling and even more relaxed than I had been before, I relished the ritual I had just partaken in. I felt a cosmic shift within. It was as if a magnet had pulled me back on track to reach my life goal – a much needed reboot after a week of emotional turmoil featuring a terminally ill ex who refuses to accept light and love into his life. After five or so minutes of introspection, I picked up my journal and put pen to paper. I wrote a couple of lines about the experience followed by a haiku and a flower mandala doodle. 

Outcome + Insights

While I’m certainly not anticipating my ashram to appear overnight, I will say that the stars are aligning in every way possible in order to turn that dream into a reality. Even before putting the O-Method into action, I had been doing a lot of work to let go of emotional baggage and shed self-limiting beliefs.

This last month has brought about a huge amount of spiritual growth – growth I know led me to the occasion where I met Anastasia and learned about the O-Method. I’m beyond excited to have added a new quantum physics tool to my tool belt and encourage everyone to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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Based in Brooklyn, Jules has dedicated her twenties towards harnessing her pussy power, exploring the muse, whore, and wild woman archetypes along the way. When not blogging, you can find her sweating the toxins out in a hot yoga class or sipping a matcha latte at a pretentious coffee shop, whilst she scribbles away in her journal.

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