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40min ago
Female, 36, Pansexual
Berlin DE

Whatever sex or genderOur hearts know no border

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Experiences I offer

About me

“I am as I am
I dare to assume everything
The darkness and the light
Are both a part of my being”

Flirting with words, images and metaphors, I use poetry as a medium for liberation beyond taboos.
Writer, speaker, experience creator, intimacy guide, I believe in the power of arts & creativity to be profound vehicles for growth.
- My solo theatrical show “An Erotic Poetry Odyssey” is an invitation to awaken your imagination, explore a sensuous realm of dreams and fantasies while challenging societal taboos. I share at multiple events and festivals around the world and love to create customised narratives for special gatherings, weddings, private events, sensual dinners…

- My private couple experiences are tailor made for your needs and combine guided tantric practices, visualisations, poetry, sub/dom role-play inviting both partners to learn tools and techniques to be more creative in your intimacy, learn to express desires and discover the wonderful world of conscious kinks.

- From liberating inner-journeys to kink explorations I guide workshops and invite participants to deepen their intimacy and explore BDSM & role-play.

Passionate about erotic literature since a young age, I trained at ISTA, IKSK Berlin, Journey Within tantra massage, conscious sexuality ateliers with Margot Anand and participated in multiple retreats around shadow work & Jungian psychology, death, family constellation, embodiment practices, plant medicine, silence…

Based in Berlin, I share my passion around the world and co-create transformative retreats and Odysseys such as RIMA Experience, Embodied Love, Little Deaths & Wonderful Lives.

Sensuali collabs

Shibari rope tying: when sensuality becomes an art form

Shibari rope tying: when sensuality becomes an art form

Pauline Marie-Antoinette
Posted by Pauline Marie-Antoinette

Thursday 11 July 2024

Experience the art of Shibari, where ropes and knots transform into a journey of trust, and sensual exploration. Discover how the subtle interplay of pain and pleasure can elevate your understanding of connection and intimacy.

More about Pauline

Female(She) , Pansexual
My experiences are for Female, Male
Current location: Berlin DE
2nd location: London UK
3rd location: Ibiza ES
36 years old
I speak English, French
172 cm
Athletic, Curvy
Party Sometimes
No Piercings
No Tattoos

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