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Intimacy coaching

olivlips Coach London
9 1


Female, Bisexual, London

Sensual Intimacy Coach here to guide you to fulfilling your deepest desires. What intrigues you most about sex & love?

Intimacy coaching Coaching
VenusLibido Coach Southampton
6 1


Female, Pansexual, Southampton

Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Intimacy coaching Reconnecting
julietachiara Coach Tulum


Female, Bisexual, Tulum

Sex & BDSM Coach. Hajime Kinoko Certified Shibari Instructor.

Intimacy coaching Sex coaching
Sebastian_Wright Coach London


Male, Straight, London

Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching for women looking to explore, discover and expand their capacity for pleasure

Intimacy coaching Anxiety
AndreasEmbodiment Coach Canberra


Male, Gay, Canberra

Aussie guy helping men take their sexuality to cosmic levels. Online & Inperson experiences

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GaySexCoach Coach London
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Male, Gay, London

One of the UK's most unique gay sex and intimacy coaches.

Intimacy coaching Coaching
Sean Therapist Brentwood


Male, Pansexual, Brentwood

I run a conscious sexuality practice that specialises in Intimacy Life Coaching for 40 plus women. Professionally qualified amd soon to qualify as a Sexological Bodyworker as well

Intimacy coaching Boundaries
Zoe Therapist London


Female, Lesbian, London

Therapy & coaching for sluts, by a slut. Championing sexual diversity in wellness.

Intimacy coaching
Intimacy coaching

What is intimacy coaching?

Turning 'we need to talk.' into 'we want to talk!'

Intimacy coaching involves working with a trained professional to address and enhance various aspects of intimacy and connection within a relationship. This form of coaching typically focuses on communication, emotional intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and overall relationship well-being. An intimacy coach helps individuals and couples explore and overcome challenges, fostering a deeper understanding and connection between partners.


What makes it hot?

The idea of intimacy coaching is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a structured and safe space for individuals and couples to address sensitive issues related to intimacy. The coaching process encourages open communication, allowing participants to express desires, concerns, and expectations in a supportive environment. Additionally, intimacy coaching often combines psychological and practical approaches, offering actionable strategies to improve connection and satisfaction. The appeal lies in the opportunity for personal growth, improved communication, and the development of a more fulfilling and intimate relationship.



Prioritise open communication: Be open and honest with the intimacy coach about your concerns, desires, and expectations. Clear communication is essential for effective coaching.

Set realistic goals: Establish realistic and achievable goals for the coaching process. This ensures a focused and constructive approach to addressing specific intimacy-related challenges.

Engage in homework or exercises: Intimacy coaching may involve exercises or activities outside of sessions. Engaging with these assignments can contribute to the effectiveness of the coaching process.



Hold back: Avoid withholding information or concerns during coaching sessions. The more transparent you are, the more tailored and effective the coaching can be.

Expect instant results: Personal and relational growth takes time. Be patient and committed to the process, understanding that positive changes may require consistent effort over time.

Disregard emotional well-being: Intimacy coaching often delves into emotional aspects of relationships. Take care of your emotional well-being and communicate any feelings of discomfort or distress during the coaching process.



Is intimacy coaching only for couples with serious issues? No, intimacy coaching can benefit couples at various stages of their relationship, from those seeking to enhance communication to those addressing specific challenges.

How long does intimacy coaching typically last? The duration of intimacy coaching varies based on individual or couple needs. Some may find benefit in a few sessions, while others may choose longer-term coaching for ongoing support.

Can individuals benefit from intimacy coaching even if they're not currently in a relationship? Yes, individuals can benefit from intimacy coaching regardless of relationship status. Coaching can focus on personal growth, self-discovery, and developing a healthier relationship with oneself, which can positively impact future connections.

On intimacy coaching & sex education: meet April Maria

On intimacy coaching & sex education: meet April Maria

Sensuali chatted with coach April Maria aka Venus Libido, known for her sex education and intimacy coaching. We talked about her favourite innovative sex toys, the many factors that help to maintain a healthy libido and how exploring non-monogamy doesn’t always have to mean having sex outside of your relationship.

Friday 24 November 2023