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Turning 'we need to talk.' into 'we want to talk!'

Pauline Intimacy coaching Berlin



Female, Pansexual, Berlin DE

Whatever sex or genderOur hearts know no border

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Female, Queer, Helsinki FI

Sex counsellor - I'll help you find your way through stormy seas! 🌊 Ask me anything about orgasms and pleasure.

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VenusLibido Intimacy coaching Southampton
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Female, Pansexual, Southampton UK

Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Coach

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rafa_el_M Intimacy coaching New York
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Coach & Content creator

Male, Bisexual, New York NY US

Sex, healing, and play!

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CaitlinBridgette Intimacy coaching Melbourne



Female, Pansexual, Melbourne AU

Certified Sex and Pleasure Coach. I'm passionate about working with clients to unlock their pleasure potential. I have a particular soft spot for clients looking to begin their journey with kink and BDSM and would like some guidance on their adventure. As a burlesque showgirl with a background in pole dance teaching and erotic entertainment, who loves the art of the tease, I enjoy incorporating the power of sensual somatic movement into my sessions. In addition I also teach movement sessions exclusively dedicated to unleashing your sensual power through the arts of strip tease, lap dace and erotic movement. Disability informed, trauma informed and LGBTQIA+ affirming practitioner.

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SensualMysteries Intimacy coaching London


Muse & Content creator

Female, Straight, London UK

💋Tantric mentor & sensual connoisseur guiding men & women 🌹 Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Sessions in London

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Female, Bisexual, Indianapolis IN US

I just discovered this site, I will circle back and fill this out in more detail after I get my profile up and running :)

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Leighdarby Intimacy coaching Manchester


Therapist & Content creator

Female, Straight, Manchester UK

Hello my name is Leigh Darby, I am a retired professional adult actress who has seamlessly transitioned into a fulfilling career as a certified sex and intimacy therapist. With over a decade of experience in the adult entertainment industry, I have gained a unique and profound understanding of human sexuality, intimacy, and the complexities of personal relationships. My journey into the field of therapy began with a deep desire to help individuals and couples navigate their own sexual wellness and intimacy challenges. I hold a certification in sex therapy. I stay updated on the latest research and practices in the field. My approach to therapy is rooted in empathy, confidentiality, and a deep respect for my clients’ personal experiences. I specialize in helping clients overcome sexual dysfunction, improve communication and intimacy in relationships, and embrace their sexuality with confidence and joy. My practice is inclusive and welcoming to individuals of all backgrounds, orientations, and identities. In addition to my private practice, I am a passionate speaker and educator, regularly conducting workshops and seminars on sexual health and intimacy. I am dedicated to destigmatising conversations around sex and advocating for a more informed and open discourse on sexual wellness. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy holidays, cooking, eating out and exploring nature which I find to be a source of relaxation and inspiration. I live in Manchester Uk with my beautiful children and two cats and am committed to continuing my education and growth in the field of sex and intimacy therapy. I feel I am on a mission to help the world have better sex and more love ….. So let’s talk about sex!

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Ambrosia Intimacy coaching Eugene



Gender fluid, Queer, Eugene OR US

Get🌶 with me in nature 🌱

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Amanda_sacredwomb Intimacy coaching London
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Coach & Content creator

Female, Straight, London UK

Your Muse and Sex coach - Learn the Taoist love secrets and Love to be Loved !!

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TonicTantra Intimacy coaching Cape Town
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Muse & Content creator

Female, Sapiosexual, Cape Town ZA

Tonic Tantra: Stirring Up Sensual Bliss

Intimacy coaching Dark tantra
Zoe Intimacy coaching London



Female, Lesbian, London UK

Sex-Positive Therapy. Discover the depths & potential of your full erotic self through embodied meditation.

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What is intimacy coaching?

What is intimacy coaching?

Turning 'we need to talk.' into 'we want to talk!'

Intimacy coaching involves working with a trained professional to address and enhance various aspects of intimacy and connection within a relationship. This form of coaching typically focuses on communication, emotional intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and overall relationship well-being. An intimacy coach helps individuals and couples explore and overcome challenges, fostering a deeper understanding and connection between partners.

What makes it hot?

The idea of intimacy coaching is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a structured and safe space for individuals and couples to address sensitive issues related to intimacy. The coaching process encourages open communication, allowing participants to express desires, concerns, and expectations in a supportive environment. Additionally, intimacy coaching often combines psychological and practical approaches, offering actionable strategies to improve connection and satisfaction. The appeal lies in the opportunity for personal growth, improved communication, and the development of a more fulfilling and intimate relationship.

No, intimacy coaching can benefit couples at various stages of their relationship, from those seeking to enhance communication to those addressing specific challenges.

The duration of intimacy coaching varies based on individual or couple needs. Some may find benefit in a few sessions, while others may choose longer-term coaching for ongoing support.

Yes, individuals can benefit from intimacy coaching regardless of relationship status. Coaching can focus on personal growth, self-discovery, and developing a healthier relationship with oneself, which can positively impact future connections.

Introducing holistic sex coach, Amanda Santos

Introducing holistic sex coach, Amanda Santos

Iso Amanda Santos
Co-authored by Iso & Amanda Santos

Friday 28 June 2024

Looking for coaching that is a little less sterile and a little more sensual? Meet Amanda Santos, the holistic sex coach who follows Taoist practices and heals with her heart.

Introducing queer Tantric coach & masseur: Will Tantra

Introducing queer Tantric coach & masseur: Will Tantra

Drew Will Tantra
Co-authored by Drew & Will Tantra

Sunday 23 June 2024

We caught up with the inspirational Tantric coach and masseur; Will Tantra all about his candidly erotic approach to helping others give and receive more pleasure.

Meet Simone Farschi: somatic sex and intimacy coach

Meet Simone Farschi: somatic sex and intimacy coach

Iso Simone Farschi
Co-authored by Iso & Simone Farschi

Friday 24 May 2024

Looking to reconnect to your pleasure through somatic coaching or sensual retreats? Meet the exceptional sex and intimacy coach, Simone Farschi who is helping women, men and couples transform their lives inside and outside of the bedroom.

Intimacy and sexuality coaching for women: meet Sebastian, founder of Pleasure Map

Intimacy and sexuality coaching for women: meet Sebastian, founder of Pleasure Map

Posted by Iso

Friday 19 January 2024

Calling all women who have forgotten how to feel sexual, who are scared of sex, or who are looking to simply experience more pleasure: meet Sebastian, founder of Pleasure Map. We had an in-depth chat all about his fascinating work providing intimacy and sexuality coaching for women.

Meet sex & BDSM coach, Julieta Chiara

Meet sex & BDSM coach, Julieta Chiara

Posted by Iso

Friday 8 December 2023

Sensuali chatted with the marvellous Julieta Chiara, sex & BDSM coach and Certified Deviant™. We spoke about bringing kink into the light, her varied range of clients and why everyone can benefit from learning BDSM ethics.

Why is Intimacy coaching essential for the LGBTQ community?

Why is Intimacy coaching essential for the LGBTQ community?

Posted by Drew

Tuesday 28 November 2023

We spoke to three LGBTQ-focused intimacy coaches to find out the benefits of going within to solve your most intimate issues

On intimacy coaching & sex education: meet April Maria

On intimacy coaching & sex education: meet April Maria

Posted by Iso

Friday 24 November 2023

Sensuali chatted with coach April Maria aka Venus Libido, known for her sex education and intimacy coaching. We talked about her favourite innovative sex toys, the many factors that help to maintain a healthy libido and how exploring non-monogamy doesn’t always have to mean having sex outside of your relationship.

Sensual intimacy coaching: meet The Queer Sensualist

Sensual intimacy coaching: meet The Queer Sensualist

Posted by Iso

Friday 20 October 2023

Sensuali chatted to The Queer Sensualist, aka Oli Lipski, who provides sensual intimacy coaching through the lens of queer theory and sensual embodiment. We chatted about the beauty of the parasympathetic nervous system, heteronormativity limiting our ideas of what sex can be, and the wondrous healing effects of simply talking about things.


Prioritise open communication: Be open and honest with the intimacy coach about your concerns, desires, and expectations. Clear communication is essential for effective coaching.

Set realistic goals: Establish realistic and achievable goals for the coaching process. This ensures a focused and constructive approach to addressing specific intimacy-related challenges.

Engage in homework or exercises: Intimacy coaching may involve exercises or activities outside of sessions. Engaging with these assignments can contribute to the effectiveness of the coaching process.



Hold back: Avoid withholding information or concerns during coaching sessions. The more transparent you are, the more tailored and effective the coaching can be.

Expect instant results: Personal and relational growth takes time. Be patient and committed to the process, understanding that positive changes may require consistent effort over time.

Disregard emotional well-being: Intimacy coaching often delves into emotional aspects of relationships. Take care of your emotional well-being and communicate any feelings of discomfort or distress during the coaching process.

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