lucyleopardprint Muse Chicago


Female, 35, Queer
Chicago IL US

Experiences I offer

About me

I’d love to help you be more comfortable wherever you are.
Do you have a party you’re anxious about going to? Bring me with you! I’ll keep you company and look good doing it.
Have a fetish class you’ve always wanted to take but are nervous attending solo? Let’s go together!
I’m outgoing but not overstimulating. I can hang tight with you in the corner or drag you onto the dance floor, your choice.
Or maybe you just want someone to sit quietly with and touch and talk.
I’m a companion and a friend 🖤

More about Lucy Leopardprint

Female, Queer
My experiences are for Female, Gender fluid, Intersex, Male, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: Chicago IL US
35 years old
5'8 ft
Party Sometimes
A few Piercings
A few Tattoos

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