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missveraviolette Sensual Domination Berlin


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Queer, Berlin

Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Content Creator and Photographer. With a focus on latex, watersports and sensual domination.

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fullychargedqueer Sensual Domination Leicester



Non Binary, Queer, Leicester

I believe in offering boldly. Will you receive boldly? In the name of your queer pleasure?

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FuckingOriginal Sensual Domination Birmingham
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Female, Bisexual, Birmingham

Sensual Sadist and Domina. Experience the power of intimacy in my fully equipped cosy play room.

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Mistress_Ae Sensual Domination London
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Female, Bisexual, London

A unique facilitator of exploration and escapism

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NaughtyNice Sensual Domination London
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Female, Bisexual, London

Sensual massage in London by female masseuse

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Sensual Domination

What is sensual domination?

Killing me softly.

Sensual domination is a consensual form of BDSM where power dynamics are explored through a focus on heightened sensory experiences, psychological connection, and the nuanced interplay of pleasure and control. Unlike more intense or physically demanding forms of domination, sensual domination emphasises the art of seduction, utilising sensory stimuli to create an intimate and erotic atmosphere.

What makes it hot?

What makes sensual domination particularly appealing is its emphasis on the sensual and emotional aspects of power exchange. The heightened focus on touch, communication, and anticipation can create a deep psychological connection between partners.

While touch is a significant component, sensual domination encompasses a broader spectrum, including verbal communication, sensory deprivation, and the intentional creation of erotic environments.

Sensual domination can also involve pain, but pleasure is also very focal. Preferences can vary, and communication between partners is crucial to establish boundaries and consent.

Sensual domination is accessible to individuals of various experience levels, however seeing a professional domme can be the safest way to explore sensual domination.

Inside the life of a femdom fatale: meet Miss Vera Violette

Posted by Drew

Friday 23 February 2024

Femdom (femme domination) is taking over. Here to tell us everything we need to know is professional Dominatrix Miss Vera Violette.

This is what sensual domination looks like

Posted by Iso

Monday 5 February 2024

Submissive but also want to worshipped? Dominant with a soft side? With less focus on punishment and more focus on praise, sensual domination is what you've been searching for.

Seeking sensual domination and seductive sadism? Meet Fucking Original

Posted by Iso

Friday 2 February 2024

Searching for some tender hurting? Sensuali chatted with Birmingham-based Domina, Fucking Original aka Faux, who specialises in sensual domination and intimate sadism.


Communication is key: Engage in open and honest communication to establish boundaries, desires, and expectations with your partner.

Start Slow and gradual: Begin with light sensory experiences and gradually increase intensity based on mutual comfort and consent.

Regular check-ins: Consistently check in with your partner during and after sensual domination experiences to ensure their well-being and comfort.


Assume consent: Never assume consent. Clearly discuss boundaries, limits, and safe words before engaging in any sensual domination activities.

Neglect aftercare: Aftercare is essential. Failing to provide emotional and physical support after a session can impact the overall experience and well-being of both partners.

Disregard safety precautions: Always prioritise safety. Be aware of any physical or emotional limitations and avoid activities that could lead to harm.

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Cutie in the streets, (control) freak in the sheets.