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Modelbleu Foot worship London
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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

Hello Everybody, My Name is Bleu.. I am a 19 Year Old From Cheshire I Currently Tour From Manchester + London with my Career, sometimes other places. I Do Genuinely have Free time in my Schedule I just travel due to the fact I have no ties holding me to once place. I am a Model with 8 Publications, 2 Of them being Front Cover. 2 Also being International. I Run Modelling Events & Networking Events also alongside a few other things. I’m here looking for many different experiences, I’m not the usual vanilla girl I am eager to make different connections with different values. Each person has something valuable to bring to the table - whatever that may be. So let me start by listing the dynamics I’m open too; - Sugar Baby - Female Domination ( I offer double domme also ;) - GFE - Escorting - Lap dances/ Stripping - Content Creator - Modelling - Video/ Voice calls (Online dynamics) I’m 5FT Tall, Petite, Sexy and Bubbly as can be with beautiful long chocolate hair. I am very easy going & I genuinely enjoy experiencing new things whether that be sights, foods, music, art and more. Enough about me for now.. I’d prefer to share most information about myself to you personally if we connect anyways so make sure to message me, let’s see how well we get along.

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PrincessAurora Foot worship Manchester
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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Queer, Manchester

Award winning Fetish Princess. Generally amused by abusing losers.

Foot worship Bondage Chastity
YasminDelights Foot worship London



Trans, Bisexual, London

Outcalls with gentle and exotic TS top

Foot worship Deep throat GFE OWO
AmeliaSwann Foot worship London
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Female, Bisexual, London

Redheaded voluptuary and luxury BBW lover

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SaraBella Foot worship London


Escort & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

English GFE London Companion

Foot worship Book CIM Fingering
Trinityypink8041 Foot worship Manchester
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Trans, Gay, Manchester

Mouth lips n ass gal

Foot worship Deep throat GFE
ZaraDuRose Foot worship London
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Escort & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

Natural redhead porntstar for your pleasure!

Foot worship Couples Filming GFE
KittyCollins Foot worship Bristol



Female, Straight, Bristol

Kitty Has It All!

Foot worship French kissing GFE
EffyLondon Foot worship London
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Escort & Content creator

Trans, Bisexual, London

Approachable, easy to connect with, I can be your deeply passionate & affectionate sex kitten or your Sadistic Mistress

Foot worship A levels Chastity
Anni Foot worship Birmingham


Escort & Content creator

Female, Bicurious, Birmingham

Offering messy sessions with sweets, savouries and gunge with some spicy extras available...

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Mistress_Ae Foot worship London
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Female, Bisexual, London

A unique facilitator of exploration and escapism

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MistressSin Foot worship London



Female, Queer, London

I am a British Femdom based in London. Although I have been naturally dominant since coming of age, I decided to turn My lust for overpowering men into a profession at the age of 25. I have been a professional Dominatrix for 23yrs and find new excitement and love for BDSM with every year that goes by. For Me, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a man, at My feet, relinquishing all control to Me. I have an insatiable lust for the erotic constraints of latex and leather and the sensuality of stockings and heels. I adore every level of kink, but I particularly thrive with the unusual and extreme. Your embarrassment and shame give Me amusement and excitement. The space that I will give to you is completely safe, so you can truly submit, give in, and become the sub that you have always yearned for but hidden... until now.

Foot worship Bondage Chastity
Foot worship

What is foot worship?

Your feet are my religion.

Foot worship is a form of sexual expression where individuals derive pleasure from focusing on feet, often involving activities such as kissing, massaging, or licking. It's a fetish that emphasises the sensuality and aesthetics of feet as an erotic zone.

What makes it hot?

The allure of foot worship often lies in the sensory experience and the intimate connection between partners. Feet can be seen as a symbol of vulnerability, and the act of worshiping them can evoke pleasure through the combination of touch, scent, and visual stimulation.

Yes, foot worship is one of the most common fetishes, with many individuals finding pleasure in exploring the sensuality of feet.

Many professional sensualists offer foot worship as an experience to explore on Sensuali, in a safe and consensual environment.

Practices can vary, but common activities include kissing, massaging, and licking feet. The key is to explore what both partners find pleasurable.


Communicate: Prioritise open communication with your partner to understand their preferences, boundaries, and any specific desires related to foot worship.

Practice hygiene: Keep feet clean and well-groomed to enhance the experience and create a more comfortable environment for both partners.

Incorporate props: Some individuals enjoy the use of props, such as silk scarves or massage oils, to enhance the sensual experience. Discuss and experiment with these elements based on mutual interest.



Assume: Always ask for consent before engaging in foot worship activities, and respect your partner's boundaries and comfort levels throughout the experience.

Rush: Take your time and savour the experience. Rushing can detract from the sensual and intimate aspects of foot worship. Enjoy the connection and explore at a comfortable pace.

Overlook aftercare: After foot worship activities, engage in aftercare by expressing affection, providing comfort, and ensuring your partner feels emotionally supported. This helps create a positive overall experience.

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