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Male, Gay, Canberra

Aussie guy helping men take their sexuality to cosmic levels. Online & Inperson experiences

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Sacred sexuality coaching for men who love men: meet Andreas Embodiment

Posted by Iso

Friday 26 January 2024

Sensuali chatted with gay Aussie sacred sexuality coach, Andreas Embodiment all about his groundbreaking work in helping men who love men break down their emotional barriers and form healthier relationships with their sexuality

I work with men who love men in tantra and sacred sexuality.
500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher - Yoga Australia; Certified Self Pleasure Practitioner - Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy

I believe in a world where sexuality and spirituality are intertwined, not divided by centuries of conditioning, shame, and misinformation. Recognising the current era's global awakening, I see the stark contrast gay men's experiences and realise it's time for a profound change. My mission is to guide the LGBTQ+ community - specifically men who love men who carry the weight of a historically suppressed love - into a journey of inner empowerment. By melding their spiritual and sexual energies, I guide them to shift from fleeting connections to profound, soulful love. I envision a future where queer men lead with vulnerability, purpose, and deep connection, not just for themselves but for generations to come. My commitment is to be catalysts for a paradigm shift in the gay community, where every individual feels seen, loved, and aligned with a love that is both spiritually deep and romantically fulfilling

Based in Australia, I offer in-person experiences including 1-1 Coaching, 1-1 VIP Getaway Weekend Retreats, Men's Group Tantra Retreats and Nude Yoga.
I offer online 1-1 Tantric Coaching and a group online sacred sexuality school called The Embodied Men's Brotherhood (open to all countries).

Male, Gay
I'm open to Couple, Male
30 years old
178 cm
Party Sometimes
A few Piercings
A few Tattoos

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