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I like my sex sacred.

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Female, Sapiosexual, Cape Town

Tonic Tantra: Stirring Up Sensual Bliss

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💋Tantric mentor & sensual connoisseur guiding men & women 🌹 Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Sessions in London

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A sensualist above all, I'm a multidisciplinary creatrix working as a conscious kink and sensuality coach, energy & bodyworker, and author, facilitating workshops, giving private sessions, and writing for various sex-positive publications and platforms.

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Discover your beauty, eroticism and divine energy - Tantric bodywork for women

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Aussie guy helping men take their sexuality to cosmic levels. Online & Inperson experiences

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What is sacred sexuality?

What is sacred sexuality?

I like my sex sacred.

Sacred sexuality refers to an approach to sexuality that embraces the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human intimacy. It often draws inspiration from various spiritual traditions, such as Tantra, and emphasises mindfulness, intentionality, and the recognition of sexuality as a sacred and transformative force.

What makes it hot?

The allure of sacred sexuality lies in its holistic approach to intimacy. By intertwining the physical and spiritual realms, it encourages a deeper connection with oneself, a partner, and the divine. The intentional and mindful exploration of pleasure, emotions, and energy makes for an enriched and fulfilling sexual experience.

Sacred sexuality transcends the purely physical and explores the spiritual and emotional dimensions of intimacy, emphasizing mindfulness and intentionality.

While rooted in spiritual traditions, sacred sexuality can be explored by individuals with various belief systems, as it focuses on holistic well-being.

Anyone can explore sacred sexuality, but some may choose to seek guidance from coaches or teachers experienced in its principles for a more profound experience.

What to expect from sacred sexuality coaching

What to expect from sacred sexuality coaching

Posted by Iso

Sunday 28 January 2024

Traditional sex coaching isn't for everyone. For those who take a more holistic approach to life, sacred sexuality coaching might be another option. Here's what to expect.

Sacred sexuality coaching for men who love men: meet Andreas Embodiment

Sacred sexuality coaching for men who love men: meet Andreas Embodiment

Posted by Iso

Friday 26 January 2024

Sensuali chatted with gay Aussie sacred sexuality coach, Andreas Embodiment all about his groundbreaking work in helping men who love men break down their emotional barriers and form healthier relationships with their sexuality


Cultivate mindfulness: Embrace mindfulness practices like breathwork and meditation to enhance presence during intimate moments.

Communicate openly: Foster open communication with your partner about desires, boundaries, and intentions to create a shared, respectful space.

Explore with respect: Approach sacred sexuality with a sense of reverence and respect for your own and your partner's boundaries and consent.


Force or rush: Force or rush the exploration. Sacred sexuality encourages a gradual and consensual unfolding of experiences.

Neglect emotional connection: Neglect the emotional connection. Balance physical pleasure with emotional intimacy for a holistic experience.

Overlook personal growth: Overlook the potential for personal growth. Sacred sexuality is not just about pleasure; it can be a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

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