‘I believe in a world where sexuality and spirituality are intertwined, not divided by centuries of conditioning, shame, and misinformation. My mission is to guide the LGBTQ+ community – (specifically men who love men) who carry the weight of a historically suppressed love – into a journey of inner empowerment.’

Meet Andreas Embodiment. After feeling disconnected from the heteronormativity of the sexual wellness industry, he became a sacred sexuality coach specifically for men who love men. He offers online services globally and in-person services in Canberra & Sydney, Australia. Some of his specialties include 1-1 coaching, nude yoga classes and mens tantric retreats. We sat down with Andreas to find out more about his work. 


Ultimately, my sessions should make you aroused by life.


Tell us about what you do. 

As someone specialising in sacred sexuality coaching, my work is all about unifying the sex and the spirit for men who love men. Doing that means creating transformation in their internal world which filters into their intimate life (their sex, love and relationships). Essentially merging those 2 pieces together. 


Meet Andreas Embodiment, the sacred sexuality coach for men who love men.
Meet Andreas Embodiment, the sacred sexuality coach for men who love men.


How would you define ‘sacred sexuality’?

Sacred sexuality is taking your sex and merging it with your soul. 


Tell us your journey into the world of sacred sexuality. 

It’s been a crazy journey. I entered the world of sacred sexuality through my own wounding and my own sense of being lost, with shame in my own sexual experience. I grew up as a confused gay kid. I found yoga when I was about 16 and I loved it. It really supported me, and I noticed that I was feeling more confident spiritually, but in sex it kind of felt like the wellness industry had this purity culture- and as a gay man I still felt lost, confused and ashamed. So that led me into the world of Tantra, and then into practising sacred sexuality, and I’ve never looked back!


Why do you think that your sacred sexuality sessions are important for the gay community?

My experiences of going through yoga teacher training, training in tantra and even journeying through sacred sexuality school  all felt very heteronormative.

Especially when it comes to old school forms of sacred sexuality like ancient Tantra, it’s all about heteronormative ideals and it doesn’t speak to a queer experience, which can be really confusing. It makes you question: well, what do I do? There’s just no guidance. I think there’s a yearning of wanting to feel like you are guided specifically for your experience, and that’s why I’m a coach specifically for men who love men.

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in session: Sacred sexuality coaching for men who love men, by Andreas Embodiment.
In session: sacred sexuality coaching for men who love men, by Andreas Embodiment.


Why are your sessions specifically helpful for gay and queer men?

There’s serious underlying pressure for gay and queer men, a lot of which is self-perpetuated in a way. There’s a lot of focus on masculinity, on ejaculation, and being hard and staying hard.

Because of the queer history where we had to  be secretive about our sexuality, there’s also parts of that which still linger. There’s a glorification of quick and risky sex with men who are emotionally unavailable, and there’s an aversion to emotional vulnerability.

So we end up with a lot of gay men who are feeling lonely, horny and emotionally dissatisfied. My sacred sexuality sessions helps men who love men to turn this around.


What does a sacred sexuality session with Andreas Embodiment look like?

  1. We do a lot of talking first. We make sure I’m clear on where you’re at, and where you want to be in your sexual life. We discuss different areas like relationships and body confidence.
  2. Then I essentially take you through a sacred erotic journey. I guide you through opening up your own body first.
  3. Then as we progress, I bring in my sacred sexual energy as well, whether that’s online or in-person, which creates more vulnerability, intimacy and depth. I guide you to awaken your erotic energy with love using breathwork, movement, different forms of touch, sound-making and even energy-work.

It feels quite devotional. Ultimately, my sessions should make you aroused by life. It’s all about you meeting yourself, on a very deep level.


What are the benefits of nude yoga?

I often say that we really only experience nudity in 2 ways mostly: you’re either cleaning your body or you’re in some sort of sexual encounter. So when you step into a yoga class, which is about yoga, it normalises you being naked in a normal context, around other naked people.

It gives you the permission to be in your body as it is. For me it was one of the most healing, transformational practices in terms of self confidence and having a positive body image.


nude yoga with andreas embodiment, gay spiritual sexuality coaching for men who love men.
Nude yoga for men who love men, with Andreas Embodiment.


What effect do your sacred sexuality sessions have on clients?

I’m thinking about one guy in particular from my men’s tantric retreat. At the beginning of the retreat, he was really, really nervous. He had never done anything naked, let alone in the realms of sacred sexuality. He was very contracted and timid in his body, and over the course of the retreat, I could see him opening up and embracing his own body, and opening up to the other men in the retreat.

He walked away from that experience with a huge smile on his face, feeling so much more open-hearted, and confident in his body. He’s coming to the next retreat, because he feels like it unlocked something in him, and he wants to know what else he can learn about himself. 


What are your future plans as a sacred sexuality coach?

I’ve just opened an online sacred intimacy school for men who love men. It’s accessible to men all across the world. I’m also going to expand my tantric retreats as much as possible. I’d love to be in Bali, the Greek islands- I want to follow the sun!


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