Are you a cuckold? Even better, are you a cuckquean? You’re about to be. You’ve been blessed with some bitesize cuck-smut by the one and only, Ena Dahl.


A Bashful Cuckquean’s Anniversary Surprise


Guttural, high-pitched moans.

The telltale, rhythmical smacking of skin against skin.

Deep, resonant grunts.

The persistent squeaking of bed springs atop a bassline of the thump-thump-thumping of wood on wood.

The symphony that had greeted Robyn as she stepped into the hallway of her flat was unmistakable. Nevertheless, she’d remained frozen for minutes, as if to validate what she was hearing.

It was her and Parker’s one-year anniversary and Robyn had skipped work early to prepare a special feast. On top, they were celebrating their first shared flat together. Two days prior, she’d handed him freshly cut keys to her apartment, carefully placed in a black velvet box, almost like a presentiment.

Before that moment, she had been certain Parker was the one. Emphasis on had been.

Light from the living room windows flashed in Parker’s shiny new keys, hung neatly on the hook by the door. “Well, at least he’s figured out how to use them,” Robyn had grinned with a twinge of gallows humor.

Even with all the evidence required to determine the nature of the spectacle unfolding in the next room, Robyn did not rip the door open to scream bloody murder like you may have expected her to. Instead, she tiptoed across the floor to lay her ear flush against the door.

“Mmmmm. Smack. Grunt. Squeak. Thump, thump, thump.” Repeat.

For what felt like forever, she listened to the composition build steadily toward a crescendo. The sounds had hung heavy in the air, thick with the scents of salt, and musk, and pheromones. Robyn’s core had tightened; flashes of warm fireworks spread upwards inside her.

A loud moan had signalized the apex; a final thrust, another grunt, a long sigh, followed by quiet giggles.

It was at that moment that Robyn’s head accidentally pushed the door open for a startling surprise finalé.

A shrilling scream had cut through the dense air, followed by her baritone boyfriend: “Robyn! Fuck! What the hell are you doing here?!!”

“And then, what did you do?” Robyn’s therapist, Joanne, tilted her head to the side and squinted at her from the tan Barcelona Chair.

“What did I do?” Robyn repeated, not hiding her agitation, “I threw him the hell out, of course… Then I poured myself a large glass of wine and masturbated furiously in the bath. With candles. You know I’m classy like that!”

“Humor is an excellent coping mechanism. Well done,” Joanne commented slyly before scribbling something in her notebook. “And this was your, what, third relationship that ended in infidelity?”

“Fourth!” Robyn corrected.

Joanne continued to scribble.

“So, what do you think? Am I doomed? Am I an idiot to trust Rowan? Should I call it off and return to aimless casual dating where I can’t get hurt?”

“Mmmmmmmmm…” Joanne looked at Robyn and drew her breath to speak, as if knowing what she was about to say may not land well. “Have you asked yourself why you keep attracting the same scenarios?”

“You’re blaming me now?” Robyn’s agitation escalated.

“Well, no,” Joanne continued, “but, the law of attraction says that having is proof of wanting.”

“Jeez, cut the hippie babble, Joe, I thought I hired a medical professional, not some pseudo-spiritual New Ager.”

“I hate to break it to you Robyn, what you call hippie-babble is textbook psychology, Carl Jung to be exact. It just so happens that the direction in which you focus your energy determines your experiences”.

“So, it’s my fault, is what you’re saying?”

“I don’t like the word fault,” Joanne corrected, “but, you may be causing this to repeat because on an unconscious level you take pleasure in it…”

“So I’m a freak?”

Joanne shook her head. “There are no freaks here. Just complex humans with even more complex desires. Jung famously said that ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’. The thing is, our brains and bodies can’t distinguish between conscious and unconscious desires, meaning that though your conscious mind has decided that you don’t like to be cheated on, your subconscious gets a kick out of it.

“Jung also said that ‘we meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.’ You just told me that listening to Parker and his affair set off fireworks inside you, and then, you masturbated. Do you think there’s a part of you that you’re disguising, even from yourself? Maybe it’s time to look behind that mask?”

“You’ve lost it!” Robyn scowled at Joanna with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. “All I want is someone honest who treats me with respect, not someone who screws other women in our bed.”

“I’m simply proposing that perhaps you want both…” Joanne winked and closed her book. “Our time is up! You don’t have to agree, but at least think about it til next week, alright?”

Back at the flat, Robyn drew herself a bath. The hot water enveloped her like the hug she’d been craving all day. All she had wanted from her therapist was a bit of sympathy for why anniversaries triggered her and had caused her to turn down Rowan’s suggestion to do something romantic and sexy together, not some nutty shrink theory about how she secretly fetishized getting cheated on.

Leaning her head back, Robyn let her hands travel slowly across her skin. To her surprise, considering her foul mood, her body instantaneously reacted to the touch with a warm tightening in her center. Robyn didn’t fight it and allowed her hands to continue down to uncover a different, more viscous wetness.

“Mmmmm. Smack. Grunt. Squeak. Thump, thump, thump.” Repeat.

Her mind traveled to that day in her hallway with her ear against the door, but this time she peeked through the keyhole. On the other side she was shocked to see that it was not Parker, but Rowan in there with another woman. With his hand tightly gripping her full hips, he thrusted into her from behind, his balls smacking steadily against her taut ass, causing her face to contort and let out gasping moans.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhmmm!” Robyn burst into a sudden yet powerful orgasm that pulled her out of her fantasy and back to reality where the tub had started overflowing onto the tile floor.

“Fuck, Joe is right. Maybe I am a freak!”

Without giving herself time for second thoughts, Robyn jumped out of the tub, dried her hands, grabbed her phone and re-downloaded her favorite hookup app, Feeld, to update her profile.

“Quean seeks cake for hot BF anniversary surprise. HMU!”

The first notification popped up moments later. And, another one. And, another. Then, another ten.

It didn’t take Robyn long to find her favorite. Iris was the kind of woman she both admired and aspired to be; a confident, slightly older, dark haired goddess with generous curves. Rowan and her had talked about having a threesome enough times that she knew he’d adore her too. The only thing that had stopped them was Robyn’s fear that he might like the other woman better and run away with her. She knew it was irrational and that Rowan was nuts about her, but, considering her romantic history she had her reasons to be anxious.

This time, she wasn’t afraid, but excited. This time, she would be in control and the thought made her feel powerful beyond belief.

After video chatting with Iris and discussing their boundaries, Robyn went to bed feeling more than satisfied with herself. The only thing left was to text Rowan:

Hey love, sorry I’ve been off about our anniversary, but I changed my mind. Meet at my place at 7pm. Dress sharp and bring condoms… plural! PS: There may or may not be a special visitor 😉

She added the last line as a fair warning, yet, nothing could fully prepare him for what she had in store.

Robyn’s heart skipped a beat when she heard her boyfriend’s footsteps approaching her flat. Iris, who had already been by for a vibe check, was waiting at the downstairs bar for the text telling her it was showtime.

Rowan showed up looking sharp with a fistful of fresh flowers and a topshelf bottle of wine. Robyn, a hopeless romantic with a weak spot for chivalry, barely took the time to open them before she pulled him by the hand and sat him down on her bed inside her candle lit bedroom.

“What’s going on with you?” Rowan asked in a mix of wonder and excitement. “I thought anniversaries weren’t your thing?”

“They aren’t. Or, weren’t. I’ve had a breakthrough.” Robyn squeezed Rowan’s hands and decided to get straight to it before she changed her mind. “I want you to fuck another woman in our bed.”

His eyes grew wide.

“And I want to watch… Or rather, I want you to cuff me to the radiator next to the bed so I can’t do anything but watch,” she continued while handing him a set of brand new leather cuffs. “What do you think?”

It took some explaining, a quick summary of her last therapy session and a glance through Iris’ dating profile, but not a whole lot of convincing, to get Rowan onboard. Not long after, Robyn found herself kneeling on a pillow on the floor, cuffed and listening for Iris’ high heels up the stairs.

Before answering the front door, Rowan bent down to place a soft kiss on Robyn’s forehead. “Who knew I was dating such a beautiful pervert?” he teased before getting serious. “We’re only doing this for as long as you enjoy it too. Promise me you’ll use your safeword if it’s too much, ok?”

“I promise,” Robyn confirmed, lowered her head, and immediately felt the warm knot tighten in her center.

For a while she sat there, ears peeled, listening to the strangers getting acquainted outside. She took clinking glasses and bursts of laughter to be a good sign, and she had guessed right because moments later the pair burst through the door, seemingly unable to keep their hands off each other.

As layers of fabric came off, Robyn watched in awe as Iris’ skirt slid off to reveal a full ass before she crawled onto all fours on the bed, arching her body like a wildcat.

She was probably the sexiest woman Robyn had seen, not just because of the way she looked, but the way she moved felt so effortlessly sensual and confident. Iris knew she was hot shit and didn’t do a thing to hide it. Robyn couldn’t decide if she wanted to be her, or if she also wanted her, the same way Rowan was about to have her; right here, in front of her eyes.

Continuing to sprawl across the mattress, Iris swayed her back and spread her legs, as if inviting Rowan to join. Robyn could tell her awestruck boyfriend was struggling to hold himself back; his hard cock was bursting out of his briefs to peek out the top, with a few glistening drops of precum already glazing his glans.

As if to get a final confirmation, he looked over at Robyn, who promptly nodded towards Iris with a smile that said “go for it!”. And went for it, he did.

Timid at first, then fervently, he got down behind Iris, stuck his head in between her cheeks and savored the feast. Smacking sounds ensued as the wildcat moaned and roared, clawing into the mattress with one hand, using the other to flick her clit.

Robyn was mesmerized and wildly turned on, cursing her trapped hands that kept her from giving into the screaming desire between legs. Instead, she managed to straddle the pillow beneath her, just enough to give her something firm to grind on. The friction of the pillow against her soaked panties drove her wild and she started riding, eagerly, in concert with the couple on the mattress in front of her.

Now, having flipped around, Iris bent over Rowan’s lap. First, circling her tongue seductively around the tip of his cock, she teased slowly all the way down to the base before taking the whole thing in her mouth. Robyn continued riding and moaning along, nearly drooling while fixated on Iris’ masterful maneuvering of her boyfriend’s member.

“Fuck him!”

The words escaped Robyn’s lips before she’d had a chance to think twice, but she wanted it just as much, if not more, than the impassioned pair in front of her.

Iris turned toward Robyn with a teasing grin. “You want me to fuck your boyfriend, you say?”

Robyn nodded.

“You want your hot man’s cock deep in the cunt of another woman, in your bed?”

“Uh-huh!” She nodded again, this time while blushing profusely.

“I didn’t hear a please,” Iris continued, “say, please fuck my boyfriend in front of me, Goddess Iris!”

“P-p-pleeeease fuck my boyfriend in front of me, Goddess Iris!”

The sound of herself saying the words caused Robyn to flush with hot shame that spread upwards through her body like fireworks, a feeling she had felt before, only this time with added intensity.

Iris leaned over, grabbed her chin and placed a wet kiss on Robyn’s lips. “That’s a very good little cuckquean! And as a reward, I’ll make all of us come. Keep grinding and look into his eyes!”

Robyn did what Iris demanded and locked eyes with her boyfriend who was reeling with excitement. Grabbing a condom, Iris ripped it open, slid it swiftly over Rowan’s throbbing cock, slowly lowered herself all the way down and started riding him.

“Mmmmm. Smack. Grunt. Squeak. Thump, thump, thump.”

The sound of squeaking bed springs and the thumping of wood on wood, mixed with the women’s high-pitched moans and Rowan’s deep grunts.

Picking up the pace, Iris’s full ass smacked quickly against Rowan’s thighs as she grabbed onto the bedpost and rode him at full speed. Robyn followed along, slamming her swollen clit against the damp pillow under her.

“I can’t… I’m going to…” Robyn panted between breaths. She could tell from Rowan’s face and telltale sounds that she was not the only one who was close.

“I know!” Iris wailed joyfully as she kept bouncing, her soft breasts swaying just over Rowan’s face. “We’re almost there, just a little longer,” she huffed as she licked two fingers and started rubbing her clit in fast circles while holding herself up with the other arm.

The composition kept building and the air was damp and thick with scents and sounds. Not only all their bodies, but the bedroom window was covered in tiny beads of sweat.

“Ahhhhhh! Fuck!” Iris yelped. “Let’s go!”

Seconds later she exploded into a shuddering orgasm that sent off an avalanche, spreading from her, to Rowan, and finally to Robyn. “Ohmygod!” A final apex before their bodies collapsed in exhaustion.

“Come join us, you beautiful freak!” Rowan teased as he released Robyn from the radiator and pulled her into the bed. “Happy anniversary!”

“I guess my therapist was right,” Robyn giggled, “this was what I wanted all along; someone honest who treats me with respect, and screws other women in our bed. I just want to be part of it.”


Cuckold | Someone who enjoys watching or knowing that their partner is having sex with someone else. There’s often an element of D/s dynamic (Domination and submission) involved, and many get off on the humiliating aspects of this practice. 

Cuckquean | The female equivalent of a cuckold

Hotwife | The wife or partner of the cuckold

Hothusband | The husband or partner of the cuckquean

Bull | The male third who has sex with the hotwife in front of, or with the consent of the cuckold

Cuckcake | The female equivalent of a bull


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