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6h ago
Female, 37, Pansexual
Berlin DE

Multidisciplinary creatrix; conscious kink educator & sensuality coach, author, bodyworker & rope (s)witch

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Ena Dahl (she/her) is a multidisciplinary creatrix; a conscious kink educator and sensuality coach, author, bodyworker and rope (s)witch.

“Connecting with and learning to harness the power of my sexual energy changed the course of my life; it jumpstarted my healing process after a traumatizing life event and put me back in touch with myself. Through this process I realized I'm a sensualist and that sensualism means being fully present in the here and now—in the body, in this moment. I discovered BDSM and Shibari, and contrary to stereotypical portrayals, learned more about trust, empathy, boundary setting, and communication here than anywhere else.

More than a carnal pleasure, I view sex as a potent spiritual practice. Kink and BDSM in particular, when practiced consciously, can shine light on our shadow to help integrate and embrace previously hidden (subconscious) parts of ourselves. This process, which may also be referred to as sexual alchemy or sex magick, has the power to transform wounds, to take us from pain to power, and ultimately help unlock our full potential.

This desire to instigate transformation and personal growth is rooted in lived experience and is the driving force behind all that I do, whether it be in my workshops, through coaching, private sessions, or my writing.”

A storyteller by trade, Ena has a degree (BA) in Communication Design and over a decade-long career as a creative art director and designer. In 2018, she made the switch to become a full time sex writer and educator, and has since been creating content for numerous sex positive and educational platforms in Germany and beyond. Immersed in the BDSM and Shibari scenes, Ena is a passionate rope (s)witch, an attuned Reiki practitioner and a student of Sexological bodywork and sexology, all of which informs her practice.

Sensuali collabs

Meet kink and sensuality coach, Ena Dahl

Meet kink and sensuality coach, Ena Dahl

Iso Ena Dahl
Co-authored by Iso & Ena Dahl

Friday 5 July 2024

Introducing Berlin-based sensualist, conscious kink educator and all round creatrix, Ena Dahl, who uses the fluidity of her multiple disciplines to create uniquely sensual experiences, from kink workshops to erotic bodywork.

A Bashful Cuckquean’s Anniversary Surprise

A Bashful Cuckquean’s Anniversary Surprise

Ena Dahl
Posted by Ena Dahl

Friday 5 July 2024

'Please fuck my boyfriend in front of me, Goddess Iris...' Kicking off the Sensuali bite-sized erotica series is a short story about a woman with a cuckolding kink, written by erotic writer, Ena Dahl.

More about Ena Dahl

Female(She/Her) , Pansexual
My experiences are for Couple, Female, Gender fluid, Intersex, Male, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: Berlin DE
37 years old
I speak English, German
168 cm
Athletic, Curvy
Party Sometimes
A few Piercings
A few Tattoos


Please send a private message with some information about yourself and what you're looking for. In return, I'll send you a questionnaire that I send to all new clients as well as my booking calendar. Once we decide on a date, we'll have a short phone call to answer any questions we may have.

I ask for a 50€ deposit to my PayPal account after we have decided on a time to meet. I do this to protect myself from last minute cancellations and now-shows. The deposit is, of course, deducted from the full price of the session, which is paid upon arrival, in cash or via transfer.

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