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Female, Queer, Nottingham

Mixed Race BBW for Sensual BDSM and Escort

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The only elite disciplinarian you'll ever need.

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Hit me up for the most delicious and decadent of kink and BDSM experiences 😈

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English sensual Mistress in Earls Court - Welcome to Eves Place x

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A shape shifting succubus sent to lead you to your doom via fetish facilitation as your purveyor of perversion.

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I am a lady during the day who turns into a bad girl at night! I welcome it all, cum show me what you got! 🤤🤑🫦💦♊

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London Asian American Dominatrix

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" Never underestimate the power of an Alpha Female - " Mistress Allanna"BDSM- Isn't about pain ..... It's about TRUST

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Venus in Doc Martens

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Blonde in Cheltenham. Kneel before me and worship my beautiful cock. Couples and ladies welcome .

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Ready to punish you and use you as my plaything

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Carefully curated kinky experiences and GFE with a dominant twist

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What is cuckold?

Sometimes the best view is from the sidelines.

Cuckold is a term often used in the context of a specific fetish or kink related to alternative sexual lifestyles. In a cuckold scenario, a man (referred to as the cuckold) derives pleasure from the idea of his partner (usually a woman) engaging in sexual activities with another person. The cuckold may or may not be present during these activities, and the dynamic often involves elements of humiliation, submission, and voyeurism.

What makes it hot?

The appeal of cuckolding lies in its complex blend of erotic humiliation, power dynamics, and voyeuristic thrill. For those drawn to this fetish, the experience involves a consensual exploration of heightened emotions, with the submissive partner finding arousal in feelings of submission and degradation, while the dominant partner takes control. The voyeuristic element, featuring the submissive partner watching their significant other with someone else, adds an intense and taboo excitement. Whilst most of the time, the cuckold (the man) is submissive, this isn't always the case. Sometimes a cuckold can be dominant or simply just derives pleasure from the situation without feeling humiliated.

Cuckolding involves consensual exploration with the knowledge and agreement of all parties, while cheating involves betrayal and secrecy without consent.

No, cuckolding can involve couples of any gender or sexual orientation. It's about consensual exploration and power dynamics, not restricted by gender.

Yes. Many sex workers or professional dominatrixes offer cuckolding services. Exploring with an experienced professional can be a great way to begin exploring cuckolding, for a smoother and more gentle navigation of the situation.


Explore diverse scenarios: Experiment with different cuckolding scenarios to keep the experience dynamic and interesting. This might include variations in power dynamics, settings, or the involvement of different participants, depending on mutual interests and comfort levels.

Prioritise communication: Encourage open communication during the cuckolding scenario. Ensure that participants feel comfortable expressing their feelings, desires, or any unexpected emotions that may arise, fostering a more connected and consensual experience.

Incorporate psychological dynamics: Explore the psychological aspects of cuckolding, such as the dynamics of submission, humiliation, and power exchange. Work with the dominatrix to incorporate these elements into the scenario for a more intense experience.


Assume consent: Do not assume consent for all aspects of the cuckolding scenario. Clearly discuss and agree upon each element beforehand to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Neglect boundaries: Respect the established boundaries. If there are activities or scenarios that were agreed upon as off-limits, do not push beyond those boundaries without explicit consent.

Forget to debrief: After the session, take time to debrief with the dominatrix. Discuss your feelings, thoughts, and any aspects of the scenario that stood out.