As an avid meditator, I’m fascinated by brain chemistry. While delta waves characterize our brains when we sleep and beta waves characterize our brains while we complete goal-oriented tasks, theta waves represent the mysterious in-between state that occurs when we reach a deep state of relaxation. It is characterized by a frequency range of 4 to 7 Hz and is often associated with feelings of calmness and peacefulness. Theta state is also believed to be a state in which the subconscious mind is more accessible. As such, it enables us to dive deep into the recesses of our minds, giving us the ability to tap into repressed memories from childhood that have – unbeknownst to us – been influencing our present-day behaviors. 

The Power of Theta Waves

Sensuali Blog: Theta Waves


Hypnosis, meditation, and ketamine therapy are all practices that can induce theta state. Whereas hypnosis involves training the mind to focus on a single object, thought, or activity, in order to relax and tap into a heightened awareness, hypnosis is a technique that involves inducing a trance-like state in which the individual becomes highly suggestible and responsive to verbal cues. During a hypnosis session, the therapist or hypnotist guides the individual into a state of deep relaxation and suggests ideas or images that the individual is encouraged to accept and act upon. 

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Sensuali Blog: Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis, meanwhile, is a unique form of hypnosis that focuses on inducing sexual pleasure and arousal through hypnotic suggestions and techniques. The practice has been around for decades and has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as younger generations become increasingly interested in pushing the envelope through kink. At its core, erotic hypnosis involves one partner guiding the other partner into a deep theta state, allowing them to become more open and responsive to sexual suggestions. 

The hypnotist partner can then use various techniques to stimulate the subject’s erogenous zones, intensify their sexual desires, and even help them achieve orgasm. While some people may view erotic hypnosis as taboo or controversial, many practitioners believe it can be a safe and enjoyable way to explore and enhance one’s sexuality. The key to a successful erotic hypnosis session lies in trust and respect. As the partner inducing hypnosis holds the power to take advantage of the hypnosis recipient, it is essential to talk things through beforehand.

This is not the sort of kink you want to try on a first date. Rather, this should be something you explore with a vetted partner who you trust wholeheartedly. Once the hypnosis recipient consents to undergoing hypnosis, it’s important to gauge what that person’s boundaries are. One question worth asking is, “What is the goal of this shared experience and does it entail physical touch or orgasm?” If so, the hypnosis recipient should clearly and enthusiastically express verbal consent prior to going into an altered state of consciousness in which they are vulnerable and potentially unable to say, “No” or “Stop” when the hypnotist-inducing partner crosses a boundary. 

Another question that would be helpful for the hypnotist partner to ask is, “What are potential triggers for you and how do we navigate you back to a safe mental space if something uncomfortable comes up for you?” By gaining a sense of your partner’s traumas – especially sexual trauma – before diving into an intensely vulnerable situation that could trigger a negative reaction, you can mitigate the risk of re-traumatizing them and – if worst comes to worst – enact a predetermined plan to guide them back to a positive headspace. 

Benefits of Erotic Hypnosis

Sensuali Blog: Benefits of Erotic Hypnosis

Now that we’ve covered the worst case scenario, let’s get into the fun stuff! While erotic hypnosis is likely ill-suited for the control freaks of the world, loads of people have touted it as a healing and transformative technique. Here are some of the possible benefits:

Improved Intimacy

As alluded to by all the boundary / consent talk above, erotic hypnosis is an excellent way to practice effective communication with your partner, allowing for deeper conversations and increased intimacy. By agreeing to delve into such a vulnerable space together, you open the door towards an honest back and forth about what your sexual desires, preferences, and fantasies are. Often, I feel like women tell their partner what they think they want to hear when it comes to what they are into. 

When I entered my slut era in my early twenties, I was definitely open to trying all sorts of kinky shit for the sake of adventure and getting to know myself, but I always allowed my partner to take the lead. Perhaps that speaks to my inherently submissive nature in the bed room, but on some level I know that it also had to do with my people pleasing tendencies, as well as my desire to shape shift into the ultimate sexual fantasy of whoever I was fucking in order to gain their approval and affection. 

A lot of my friends find themselves in the same boat. They have the ability to voice their deepest, darkest fantasies to their gal pals, but when it comes to an actual sexual encounter with a man, they don’t feel comfortable expressing their desires unless they align with what they think their partner wants. For instance, many heteronormative men have deep-seated homophobia that inhibits them from being open to getting fucked up the ass. 

So the woman who has a secret pegging fantasy will refrain from bringing it up and go along with fulfilling her male partner’s conquest for total domination over her body by allowing him to stick his penis up her butt. Erotic hypnosis and the conversations that lead up to it create a safe space that fosters open communication in which sexual hangups and desires can be addressed, free from judgment. 

Enhanced Sexual Arousal

By creating a more focused and immersive sexual experience, erotic hypnosis has the ability to boost arousal and pleasure. With the omnipresence of social media, work stress, and the impending collapse of western culture as we know it, I for one oftentimes have trouble really getting in the zone when having sex. I can get really in my head, as I mentally through my to-do list for the day while letting out performative moans and affirmative words (Yes daddy!) to trick my partner into believing I am both present and enjoying the sexual encounter we are sharing together. When it comes to climaxing, I have been guilty of thinking of other, hotter sexual encounters I’ve had in the past or porn clips I’ve watched recently in order to achieve orgasm.

I know I’m not alone in this practice but as someone who prides themself on being a highly conscious individual, I can’t help but feel slightly guilty for checking out and engaging in half-hearted sex that I usually agree to in order to appease my partner so that I can reap the aftercare cuddles post-sex. Erotic hypnosis is an intentional practice that compels the person undergoing hypnosis to drop the conscious mind – the part of the brain full of worries and distractions – in order to let go, relax, and experience deep sexual pleasure. The use of suggestive language and visualization techniques may help to intensify these sensations and increase sexual desire even further.

Increased Sexual Confidence

While I tend to be pretty sexually shameless at this point in my life, thanks to my stint as a sugar baby, a lack of sexual confidence can have the same distracting impact I described above. While I may be brainstorming sex blog topics while my partner is eating me out, a person with poor body image or who lacks sexual experience may find themselves bogged down by intrusive thoughts during a sexual encounter that can make things awkward and create a barrier that prevents two partners from connecting on a spiritual level. 

Enter erotic hypnosis! By allowing your partner to guide you into a deep state of relaxation, your inhibitions loosen – getting you out of your head and allowing you to celebrate your sexual self, free from shame. When induced into a hypnotic state, those self-doubting thoughts that might plague you during sex while in a normal state of consciousness – Am I sucking his dick the way he likes it? Does my belly look bloated from breakfast? Is my mascara smudged? – subside, empowering you to truly enjoy yourself. 

Erotic hypnosis is not for everyone, but I for one am gunning to find a DTF partner who is willing and honorable enough to hypnotize me and fill my mind with dirty thoughts. Now accepting applications 😉

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