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Sugar baby, sugar babies

Leatherette Sugar baby London
2 1 2


Female, Straight, London

Dreaming of the passion Claudel and Rodin had...

Dancing Dinner Discretion Mentor
QueenLucy Sugar baby Newquay
1 4


Female, Straight, Newquay

I am a married 39 year old mother of 2 looking for fun and friendship, as well as a sugar daddy to help me escape from my day to day life. I will offer my undying gratitude and time in return.

Dinner Discretion Overnight PPM
Babydoll Sugar baby Sheffield
5 5


Female, Bisexual, Sheffield

Hey! If you are seeking a fun, loving and perfect little sugar baby then look no further! I can offer you private sessions, text & calls all for a monthly price plus you will get access to my PRIVATE drop box that's filled with photos and videos all for you. I will also arrange for Polaroids and special gifts sent just for you, it'll make our arrangement even more special! I can also take payment in one off gifts if this is something you would like to arrange than please get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you xoxo

Dinner Discretion Events Mentor
ScarlettMinxxx Sugar baby London


Female, Bisexual, London

Sugar Baby London looking for my perfect daddy

Custom Content Events FemDom
Sakura Sugar baby Dublin


Female, Queer, Dublin

Submissive, kinky online content creator :3

Emotional Connection Mentor
Priscilla Sugar baby London
4 1 3


Female, Bisexual, London

Elegant with a spicy touch of extravagance

Emotional Connection kink PPM
thechloemaexo Sugar baby London


Female, Bicurious, London

Just your virtual girlfriend here, Come play 😋 😈 Let's talk dirty and have some fun! DON'T be boring... 😋 I'll put full passion into talking to you about any topic you would like to talk about. I'll listen to you. As well as showing you how wild I can be.. Have you been looking for the one that will satisfy all your sexual fantasies? Then you made the right choice. You just have to surrender to have passion with me and believe me, it will be an unforgettable journey. Online Every Night! ✨

Photo Stream Video
Mia Sugar baby New York
3 5


Female, Bisexual, New York

Chillin and ready for spices with a special one

Dinner Discretion Mentor PPM
PetiteGeek Sugar baby London


Female, Straight, London

5’2 Athletic/Curvy girl next door looking for someone to add a spark and a bit more luxury to her life. Interests include music, sports, science and current affairs. I’m a good listener and conversationalist and will undoubtedly try to make you laugh. I love good food, wine and drinks but good company is what makes it even more perfect. Degree educated and working full time in property development, I’m looking for someone to spend my time away from work with. Whether that’s oysters and champagne, Netflix and chill or some shopping, if we click we’re bound to have a good time.

Dinner Discretion Long Term PPM
Girlfriendexpe Sugar baby London
5 1


Female, Straight, London

I will make u smile, I am emotionally available and great to be around im very open but selective life is short and we can have some magic together… If you are looking for a girlfriend experience and spicy 🌶 relation i can be your girl.. With energy massage as well including reiki and chi energy x Please always introduce yourself and what type of experience you are looking for.. Kisses C 😘

Dinner Discretion Mentor
miss_selena Sugar baby Manchester


Female, Straight, Manchester

Hey my names is Serena Rose. I am obsessed with health & well-being. If I’m not out socialising you will always find me in the gym or a hot yoga class. I am the biggest foodie ever and love trying new restaurants. I live for holidays…. Exploring the world and making life long memories. I am looking for a friend/mentor for a mutually beneficial relationship. Look forward to speaking to you

Discretion Long Term Mentor
Leo Sugar baby London


Male, Straight, London

I’m 6ft5 athletic fun out going like to do activities and travel

Dinner Discretion Travel

What is a sugar baby?

If you bring the sugar, I'll be your baby.

A sugar baby is an individual, often younger, who enters into a consensual relationship with a more affluent partner, commonly referred to as a sugar daddy or sugar mama. In a sugar relationship, the sugar baby typically receives financial support, gifts, or other benefits in exchange for companionship, affection, or other agreed-upon terms. The arrangement is built on mutual consent and negotiation of terms that suit both parties involved.


What makes it hot?

Sugar babies are often are interested in forging long-term, genuine connections, but often with less strings attached than in a traditional relationship. This concept can be very appealing to those who want something sentimental whilst still having their own life. In a sugarship, both parties openly state what they want from one another at the beginning of the arrangement, creating a very transparent and fulfilling dynamic. There is often less pressure than in a traditional relationship, allowing for an organic connection to flourish.



Clearly communicate expectations: Openly discuss expectations, boundaries, and the terms of the arrangement to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Respect consent: Always prioritise consent and ensure that all activities and terms are agreed upon willingly by both parties.

Establish trust: Build trust gradually by being honest, reliable, and respecting the privacy and feelings of the sugar baby.



Neglect boundaries: Respect the personal boundaries of the sugar baby. Discuss and adhere to limits to create a comfortable and consensual environment.

Make assumptions: Avoid making assumptions about the sugar baby's preferences, lifestyle, or expectations. Instead, seek clarity through open communication.

Pressure or coerce: Any form of pressure or coercion is unacceptable. Ensure that decisions and actions are made willingly, without any sense of obligation or manipulation.



Is a sugar relationship the same as sex work? The truth is that modern day sugarships can vary widely. Whilst some sugar babies consider themselves sex workers, most do not. Sugarships encompass a broader spectrum of companionship, mentorship, and mutual benefits. While intimacy may be involved, the focus is on a broader connection beyond transactional sex.


Can sugar relationships lead to long-term commitments? Some sugar relationships evolve into long-term commitments, including marriages. However, the nature and longevity of the relationship depend on the preferences and goals of the individuals involved.


How do I ensure the safety of a sugar relationship? Prioritise safety by meeting in public places initially, conducting background checks if necessary, and maintaining clear communication about expectations and boundaries.

Make sugar dating great again

Make sugar dating great again

Sugar dating is known in the press nowadays as 'candy-coated prostitution'. Does that mean sugar dating should be blacklisted? Or can it be a positive form of sex work in its own right?

Sunday 21 May 2023

Stripping Away the People Pleasing Mask

Stripping Away the People Pleasing Mask

Being able to kiss ass and turn on the charm no matter what served me well in my sugar days, but at what cost to my emotional growth?

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Meet the Writers Behind Sensuali: Iso and Jules

Meet the Writers Behind Sensuali: Iso and Jules

Sensuali bloggers, Iso and Jules, interviewed each other to learn more about one another's sugaring experiences, dreams in life, and much more.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Why I Chose Sex Work Over One Night Stands

Why I Chose Sex Work Over One Night Stands

A think-piece on why I find sex work very bearable but one night stands very unbearable.

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Meet Anna: A London Sugar Baby

Meet Anna: A London Sugar Baby

Meet Anna, a part-time London sugar baby and a close friend of mine. Here’s an insight into her sugar lifestyle.

Friday 9 December 2022

Songs to Psych up Your Inner Sugar Baby

Songs to Psych up Your Inner Sugar Baby

Got a sugar date but not feeling so sugary? Here's a playlist of bad girl bops by exclusively female artists to get you feeling frisky.

Friday 25 November 2022

How To Seduce A Sugar Baby

How To Seduce A Sugar Baby

Hey daddies, want to up your sugar game? Here’s the scoop from an ex-sugar baby on how to seduce your date from the first meet.

Friday 11 November 2022

The North South Sugar Divide

The North South Sugar Divide

I chatted with an old friend Susanne*, who spent her university days in Newcastle sugaring, before moving down South and continuing her sugar baby life in London. 

Wednesday 9 November 2022

That Time I was Diagnosed as a Sex Addict

That Time I was Diagnosed as a Sex Addict

An exploration into what happens when shame culture intersects with a well-intentioned spiritual support group.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Avoiding Time Wasting When Sugar Dating

Avoiding Time Wasting When Sugar Dating

Some pointers on how to optimise your time when starting out in the world of sugar dating.

Friday 28 October 2022