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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Queer, Berlin

Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Content Creator and Photographer. With a focus on latex, watersports and sensual domination.

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Female, Bicurious, London

Pretty princess living her best life ✨

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Female, Queer, Manchester

Award winning Fetish Princess. Generally amused by abusing losers.

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Female, Queer, Nottingham

Mixed Race BBW for Sensual BDSM and Escort

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Male, Straight, London

I have made this Sensuali profile as part of my relaunch and this profile will be an addition to my online presence.

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Female, Pansexual, London

Professional Dominatrix - Owner of Studio Sevvven - Degradation & Filth Fanatic - Fantasy Extractor - FemDom Enthusiast

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FuckingOriginal Watersports Birmingham
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Female, Bisexual, Birmingham

Sensual Sadist and Domina. Experience the power of intimacy in my fully equipped cosy play room.

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AloraLux Watersports Birmingham


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Female, Bisexual, Birmingham

British babygirl with a passion for wrestling

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Female, Sapiosexual, London

The only elite disciplinarian you'll ever need.

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Trans, Bisexual, London

Approachable, easy to connect with, I can be your deeply passionate & affectionate sex kitten or your Sadistic Mistress

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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Manchester

Hit me up for the most delicious and decadent of kink and BDSM experiences 😈

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Female, Pansexual, London

Femdom seeking thrilling experience's. Interests include -Watersports -CBT, -Worship -Slave training -Impact play

Watersports Bondage Domination

What is watersports?

Sometimes self-care is asking to be urinated on.

Watersports in the context of sex refers to activities involving urine play. This can encompass various acts, such as urinating on a partner, being urinated on, or incorporating urine into sexual activities. It's considered a fetish within the broader spectrum of BDSM and fetish practices, often involving a power dynamic between participants.

What makes it hot?

The arousal associated with watersports often stems from the taboo nature of the act. Participants may find excitement in the transgressive aspect, breaking societal norms around bodily fluids. Additionally, the power dynamics involved can be very arousing- it's seen as a form of humiliation for the receiver and also marking of territory by the dominant. For those who are intrigued by pushing sexual boundaries and exploring unconventional forms of intimacy, watersports can provide a unique and heightened level of arousal.

While urine is generally sterile, it can contain bacteria. Hydration and good personal hygiene are essential to minimise potential risks.

Yes, watersports is a fetish that can be incorporated into BDSM scenes, particularly for those interested in power dynamics and alternative forms of intimacy.

Approach the conversation with openness and honesty, expressing your desires while being receptive to your partner's feelings. Open communication is key to exploring such activities consensually.


Prioritise communication: Openly discuss desires, boundaries, and expectations with your partner before engaging in any watersports activities.

Practice hygiene: Maintain good personal hygiene during watersports to minimise health risks, watersports is often explored in the shower.

Establish clear boundaries: Clearly define what activities are acceptable and unacceptable for both partners, ensuring a consensual and respectful experience.


Neglect hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial for diluting urine and reducing its potential irritant effects. Both partners should be well-hydrated before engaging in watersports.

Engage without consent: Watersports, like any BDSM activity, must be entirely consensual. Never pressure or coerce a partner into participating.

Forget aftercare: After engaging in watersports, engage in aftercare to ensure emotional well-being. Comfort and reassurance are essential for both partners.

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