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Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching for women looking to explore, discover and expand their capacity for pleasure

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Intimacy and sexuality coaching for women: meet Sebastian, founder of Pleasure Map

Posted by Iso

Friday 19 January 2024

Calling all women who have forgotten how to feel sexual, who are scared of sex, or who are looking to simply experience more pleasure: meet Sebastian, founder of Pleasure Map. We had an in-depth chat all about his fascinating work providing intimacy and sexuality coaching for women.

Hi, I’m Sebastian and I’m an Intimacy and Sexuality Coach for women.

When I launched my business, Pleasure Map, the main focus was to provide women with a safe space to expand their capacity for intimacy, improve sexual skills and build confidence. Through one-to-one bespoke coaching I have helped women of all ages and backgrounds foster more enriching sex lives.

You may be inexperienced, looking to try something new in a safe non-judgmental space, or perhaps you are living with a barrier, such as trauma, anxiety or a lack of confidence that is preventing you from accessing the sex life you desire. My approach is designed to help you reclaim agency over your body and your pleasure, as your skill and confidence gradually builds with every step.

If you would like to explore how I might be able to support you on your journey, visit my website, or contact me for a complimentary consultation. You can also hear me talk about my work in conversation with Lucy Cavendish on the Later Dater Podcast!

Male, Straight
I'm open to Female
35 years old
5'8 ft
Party Sometimes
No Piercings
No Tattoos

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