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Female, 28, Bisexual, Birmingham

Hi I’m Megan aka Sploshmuffin! Welcome to my messy mayhem where you can learn all things Sploshing with me 💚✌️

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Hi I’m Megan aka Sploshmuffin. I create WAM (Wet & Messy) content and am a kinkster on the Midlands Scene.

I won the UK Best Fetish Newcomer award this year for the WAM content I make. I now want to branch out and help educate people in the world of Sploshing and how to get involved in a safe and fun way!

xoxo Megan aka Sploshmuffin 💚✌️

The star of sploshing: introducing Splosh Muffin 

The star of sploshing: introducing Splosh Muffin 

Posted by Iso

Friday 5 January 2024

Sensuali sat down with Megan aka Splosh Muffin to talk all things sploshy. She explained her journey into the world, the other kinks that can intertwine with sploshing and her personal dream sploshing scenario.

Female(She/Her), Bisexual
I'm open to Female, Male
Current location: Birmingham (GB)
28 years old
I speak English
Party Sometimes
No Piercings
A few Tattoos

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