Meet Megan aka Splosh Muffin. Being a Leo, she’s naturally an extravert. You might find her in the pub chatting away to anyone with a shameless cider and black in hand. Having said that, her ultimate happy place is snuggled up at home with a nice snack, watching some anime.

But her ultimate ultimate happy place is when she’s covered from head to toe in a slippery warm gooey slime.  For her birthday, her friends bought her a cake, on the one condition that she sat in it instead of eating it. That’s right, meet Megan aka Splosh Muffin, taking the sploshing world by storm, one pie at a time. 

Who are you?

I’m Megan aka Splosh Muffin and I create WAM (wet and messy) content and sploshing content. Like many kinks, sploshing is weird and wonderful, and I take a light-hearted approach to it. 

What is sploshing?

meet Megan aka splosh muffin making sploshing and wam content
Meet Megan aka Splosh Muffin, one of the hottest faces in the current sploshing scene.


Tell us about your sploshing journey. 


I always knew I was into sploshing.  Although most people haven’t actually heard about sploshing fetish, it’s something that many were exposed to via media from a young age and so the kink often is developed early on. Think pies in faces in slapstick films or 90s game shows where people often got ‘slimed’ as a punishment.


As I got a bit older, I found myself searching for these kind of videos on YouTube and I saw in the comments that sposhing was a real fetish that other people were also into!

I still kept it a secret and lived a suppressed early 20s married life where I didn’t explore it, and then when I finally left that marriage, I completely embraced my kink journey and started trying sploshing! However, even in the kink scene, at the beginning I was shy to talk about sploshing because it’s quite an obscure kink. 


Are you a sploshing giver or receiver?

You have a ‘sploshee’ (receiver) and a ‘splosher’ (giver). I incorporate power dynamics into my sploshing kink, and I’m naturally submissive, so I like to be the sploshee as I see that as the more submissive role. 

Many people like to switch in sploshing (ie to give and to receive) because they see it as a revenge thing. But for me I mostly enjoy receiving, however I do sometimes be the splosher with other girls, when we are recording videos. 


splosh muffin aka megan, sploshing videos and content creator
Splosh Muffin getting slimed.


Dream sploshing scenario?

Everyone has very unique sploshing kinks. Personally, I love gunge or slime. It’s a substance that has been made for sploshing. It’s colourful, it feels good because it’s warm when you mix it, and it’s slippery like lube. It’s also body safe, and I just think it’s so cool because if you have something like a gunge tank, you can go from 0 to being completely covered in a matter of seconds. 

 I also like to be clothed, because of the idea that not only I am getting trashed but my nice outfit is also getting trashed- that enhances the submissive feeling of it to me. 

However, I do a lot of custom-made videos to suit my fans’ kinks rather than just mine, and they are so varied. I have a few fans who have caught on to what I specifically dislike and they love to purposely wind me up and ask for me to be sploshed in those ways and do my dreaded food customs. I don’t really like sploshing with dairy substances, or anything smelly and gross! 


Is sploshing always sexual for you?

I don’t enjoy doing actual sexual acts whilst messy. And on my channel I don’t include sexual acts or nudity in my sploshing videos. 


Sploshing is almost like a foreplay to me. The power imbalance, the degradation and the vulnerability of being silly in sploshing all turn me on mentally. Afterwards, when we’re clean is more likely when me and my partner would get sexual! 


Having said that, I often do sploshing videos with friends and models. In those sessions there’s nothing sexual about it at all. It’s fun, but professional.


splosh muffin, aka megan, the new face of sploshing


Which kinksters might be into sploshing?

If you like degradation and humiliation play, you can try sploshing because it definitely tap into that. You can also do it whilst being physically restrained, so it ties in with bondage. If you’re into playing with bodily fluids like golden showers then sploshing also might interest you. 


Sploshing can also be seen as very primal. Getting messy and playing with substances are things we liked doing as children. I think that’s the taboo for a lot of people. As a child, you’re told not to make a mess, especially as a girl, you’re supposed to be good, pretty, and clean.  So sploshing is like a regression to childhood.


For example, I enjoy sploshing most when I’m really stressed. I can just forget about everything when I’m doing it. That’s a bit like age play, where people can let go of adult responsibilities for a while. I think it’s definitely about that for many people. 


What’s the future for Splosh Muffin?

I would love to go down a more informative route, and be more like a voice for the sploshing community. Especially as a female, I think it would be good to have more of us being open about our love for sploshing.

I have a lot of collabs lined up in the year, so there will be many new faces on my sploshing videos!

I’m also getting my own place soon, so I’m hoping to get some cool sploshing contraptions in my place (cough – gunge tank – cough). We’re all suckers for nostalgia, right?


Discover more about Splosh Muffin and find more sploshing content on her Instagram.

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Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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