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Tailored to your favour.

alicelovegood Custom content Bristol


Coach & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Bristol UK

Knowledge is pleasure

Custom content Aftercare ENM



Female, Bisexual, Chelmsford UK

Ask and you shall receive...

Custom content Couples Findom


Writer & Content creator

Trans, Lesbian, London UK

Have you always wanted to be the final girl, chased by some awful monster? Do you desire something that can only ever be fantasy - a giantess, a collosal spider woman, an alien abduction? I'm a professional writer available for a very limited number of commissions writing custom erotic fiction. My two published novels peel back the desires of characters to reveal the horny burning core underneath - now let me do that to you.

Custom content Book
Leighdarby Custom content Manchester


Therapist & Content creator

Female, Straight, Manchester UK

Hello my name is Leigh Darby, I am a retired professional adult actress who has seamlessly transitioned into a fulfilling career as a certified sex and intimacy therapist. With over a decade of experience in the adult entertainment industry, I have gained a unique and profound understanding of human sexuality, intimacy, and the complexities of personal relationships. My journey into the field of therapy began with a deep desire to help individuals and couples navigate their own sexual wellness and intimacy challenges. I hold a certification in sex therapy. I stay updated on the latest research and practices in the field. My approach to therapy is rooted in empathy, confidentiality, and a deep respect for my clients’ personal experiences. I specialize in helping clients overcome sexual dysfunction, improve communication and intimacy in relationships, and embrace their sexuality with confidence and joy. My practice is inclusive and welcoming to individuals of all backgrounds, orientations, and identities. In addition to my private practice, I am a passionate speaker and educator, regularly conducting workshops and seminars on sexual health and intimacy. I am dedicated to destigmatising conversations around sex and advocating for a more informed and open discourse on sexual wellness. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy holidays, cooking, eating out and exploring nature which I find to be a source of relaxation and inspiration. I live in Manchester Uk with my beautiful children and two cats and am committed to continuing my education and growth in the field of sex and intimacy therapy. I feel I am on a mission to help the world have better sex and more love ….. So let’s talk about sex!

Custom content Actress Filming
ServeQueenVee Custom content Santa Clara


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Queer, Santa Clara CA US

Mean Mommy. Toxic Girlfriend. Supreme Cult Leader.

Custom content BNWO Bondage Spit


Writer & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Berlin DE

Spicing up your life.

Custom content Audio erotica
QueenIvy Custom content London
4 3 1



Female, Bisexual, London UK

I know you can't help getting hard knowing my husband gets to enjoy the lingerie I bought with your money 😏 😘

Custom content Blackmail FemDom
MistressAsherah Custom content Wilmington


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Queer, Wilmington NC US

~Let me make art from your Surrender~ 🌷Sensual ProDomme, Repro Health Coach, Eros Embodiment Facilitator, Writer🌷

Custom content Art Art model
GoddessAmelia Custom content London
1 1


Sugar baby

Female, Queer, London UK

hi you! <3 i’m Lia, i’m a queer SB in London on here for what I deserve. I work mostly online, but occasionally when my schedule is free I can be taken out and treated. I take an eager approach to pleasing and presenting you with what you desire. I love exploring, giving, producing (content of all sorts) and most importantly to have eyes on me. I am to be worshipped - if you can treat me right and keep up with me, I will give the world to you. X Give me a message, I don’t bite.. (sometimes) -Sugar Baby -Escort -Stripper -Pole dancer -Video and phone calls -

Custom content Customs videos
Lissalovessx Custom content London


Artist & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London UK

Just a welsh girl, that loves sex, art and pleasure. I'm currently exploring the world of still and moving image, with erotic play. Finding my artist style through authentic experience and beautiful sensual imagery. (find my naughty videos on OF) I also paint kink, sex and pleasure with my online sex work feeding heavily into my creations. Personal portraits are available.

Custom content Fetish Modeling
Sploshmuffin Custom content Birmingham


Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Birmingham UK

Hi I’m Megan aka Sploshmuffin! Welcome to my messy mayhem where you can learn all things Sploshing with me 💚✌️

Custom content Photo Video
Modelbleu Custom content London
5 4


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London UK

Hello Everybody, My Name is Bleu.. I am a 19 Year Old From Cheshire I Currently Tour From Manchester + London with my Career, sometimes other places. I Do Genuinely have Free time in my Schedule I just travel due to the fact I have no ties holding me to once place. I am a Model with 8 Publications, 2 Of them being Front Cover. 2 Also being International. I Run Modelling Events & Networking Events also alongside a few other things. I’m here looking for many different experiences, I’m not the usual vanilla girl I am eager to make different connections with different values. Each person has something valuable to bring to the table - whatever that may be. So let me start by listing the dynamics I’m open too; - Sugar Baby - Female Domination ( I offer double domme also ;) - GFE - Escorting - Lap dances/ Stripping - Content Creator - Modelling - Video/ Voice calls (Online dynamics) I’m 5FT Tall, Petite, Sexy and Bubbly as can be with beautiful long chocolate hair. I am very easy going & I genuinely enjoy experiencing new things whether that be sights, foods, music, art and more. Enough about me for now.. I’d prefer to share most information about myself to you personally if we connect anyways so make sure to message me, let’s see how well we get along.

Custom content Body Worship GFE
What is custom content?

What is custom content?

Tailored to your favour.

'Custom content' tagged on a Sensuali profile means that a provider is open to specific content requests that they will make especially for you. This could be in the form of a photo, video, writing, artwork and more. 

What makes it hot?

Custom content offers a highly personalised experience that caters directly to individual preferences and fantasies. Unlike generic adult content, custom videos or images are created specifically with the client's desires in mind, making the content uniquely appealing and highly satisfying. This level of customisation allows for an intimate connection with the performer, as they bring to life the exact scenarios or themes requested. 

Contact the provider on Sensuali, provide a detailed request including your preferences, and discuss the pricing and terms before the creation process begins.

Reputable performers and platforms prioritise client privacy. However, it’s important to clarify privacy terms and ensure that your personal information will not be shared.

The time frame can vary depending on the complexity of your request and the performer’s schedule. It’s best to discuss and agree on a delivery timeline during the initial communication.


Communicate clearly: Provide detailed and clear instructions about your preferences and expectations to ensure the final product meets your desires.

Respect boundaries: Understand and respect the performer’s limits and what they are comfortable creating.

Politeness and professionalism: Approach the interaction with politeness and professionalism, treating the performer with respect.

Discuss pricing upfront: Agree on the cost and payment terms before the creation process begins to avoid misunderstandings.

Provide feedback: Offer constructive feedback once you receive the content, which can help the performer better understand your preferences for future requests.


Unreasonable demands: Avoid asking for content that goes beyond the performer’s boundaries or the agreed-upon terms.

Last-minute changes: Refrain from making significant changes to your request after the creation process has started.

Share without permission: Respect the performer’s work by not sharing or distributing the content without their explicit consent.

Underpay: Ensure you compensate the performer fairly for their time and effort, reflecting the personalised nature of the content.

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