This cake would look good on your face.

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Cum & fulfill your fetish’s with me…..

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Hi I’m Megan aka Sploshmuffin! Welcome to my messy mayhem where you can learn all things Sploshing with me 💚✌️

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Offering messy sessions with sweets, savouries and gunge with some spicy extras available...

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Hey I’m Bri from bsmessy bakery. I became public with my Sploshing & WAM Fetish last year & it has been one hell of an amazing journey. I can runner up at the UK Fetish Awards , I have raised money for charity, collaborated with many gorgeous models & made some amazing friends along the way. I’m so excited to see what 2024 brings on this journey.

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What is sploshing?

What is sploshing?

This cake would look good on your face.

Sploshing is a form of sensory play in the realm of BDSM and fetish activities. It involves the act of incorporating food substances, often messy and tactile, into sexual or fetishistic activities. Participants may explore sensations and arousal through the feeling of different textures, tastes, and temperatures of various foods.

What makes it hot?

Sensory stimulation: The combination of different textures, temperatures, and sensations can heighten sensory experiences, adding an erotic element to the activity.

Playful intimacy: Sploshing often involves a sense of playful intimacy, allowing participants to connect on a more lighthearted and experimental level, fostering a unique bond.

Breaking taboos: Engaging in activities that go beyond traditional sexual norms can be arousing for some as it involves breaking societal taboos, leading to a sense of excitement and thrill.

Novelty and creativity: The creative aspect of choosing substances, designing patterns, or even engaging in food play can introduce novelty into the sexual experience, adding an element of excitement.

Shared experience: Sharing and participating in sploshing activities with a partner can create a shared experience that enhances intimacy and deepens the connection between individuals.

Body positivity: For some, sploshing can promote body positivity by focusing on the sensations and experiences rather than conventional ideals of appearance, fostering a more accepting and comfortable atmosphere.

Power dynamics: Exploring power dynamics, such as taking turns applying substances or being the recipient, can add an additional layer of arousal for those interested in power play within a consensual context.

It's important to choose safe, non-irritating substances. Popular choices include whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or pudding, but always consider allergies and preferences.

Yes, sploshing can be messy, so it's advisable to engage in it within a designated, easy-to-clean space to minimise the cleanup effort.

While sploshing is often a shared experience, some individuals may choose to explore it alone. However, safety precautions and cleanup are still crucial.

Meet sploshing content creator: Bsmessy Bakery

Meet sploshing content creator: Bsmessy Bakery

Iso Bsmessybakery
Co-authored by Iso & Bsmessybakery

Sunday 16 June 2024

Craving a sweet and sticky treat, and not just to eat? Meet the baker of your dreams: sploshing icon, Brianna aka Bsmessy Bakery.

5 ways to explore a sploshing kink

5 ways to explore a sploshing kink

Posted by Iso

Sunday 7 January 2024

Sploshing is a varied kink that turns people on for many different reasons. These are 5 ways to discover the excitement in getting wet and messy.

The star of sploshing: introducing Splosh Muffin 

The star of sploshing: introducing Splosh Muffin 

Posted by Iso

Friday 5 January 2024

Sensuali sat down with Megan aka Splosh Muffin to talk all things sploshy. She explained her journey into the world, the other kinks that can intertwine with sploshing and her personal dream sploshing scenario.

What is sploshing? Exploring sticky sensuality

What is sploshing? Exploring sticky sensuality

Posted by Iso

Monday 24 July 2023

'Sploshing' is a niche experience you can explore on Sensuali today. Kinkcurious? Here's the lowdown.


Communicate: Discuss preferences, boundaries, and the types of foods involved to ensure a consensual and enjoyable experience.

Prepare the space: Choose an area that is easy to clean, perhaps using protective sheets, to make the cleanup process more straightforward.

Experiment gradually: Start with small, manageable amounts of food to gauge comfort levels before exploring more elaborate scenarios.


Disregard allergies: Be aware of any food allergies or sensitivities to avoid potential health risks during sploshing activities.

Force participation: Ensure that both partners are enthusiastic and willing participants; never pressure someone into sploshing if they are uncomfortable.

Use non-safe objects: Avoid incorporating objects that could cause harm or discomfort, focusing on safe and consensual food items.