Service Provider Gallery

Your gallery is the part of your profile where you can showcase your beautiful self. To add photos, simply click the icon in the center of the white box (refer to images below).

Public Gallery for Service Providers

Your public gallery will be visible to all Sensuali members. These should be high-quality images featuring you and you alone. Please use recent photos and take it easy with the Photoshop. At the end of the day, it’s just as much a waste of your time and energy trying to catfish someone as it is for the person on the receiving end of the deception.

If privacy is a concern, feel free to hide your face. Just make sure to save the nudes for your private gallery. We are all about freeing the nipple but want to keep the public-facing images a bit softer so as to level the playing field. Also, please don’t post any extreme stuff here. If you do have hardcore content you’re interested in sharing, you will be able to do so in your private gallery.

Private Gallery for Service Providers

Your private gallery is the place where you can upload all those tasteful nudes and NSFW videos you’ve been dying to share with the world. This is a chance to express yourself as you wish, free from the shackles of censorship. Only members who you have approved will be able to access this content.

We want this to be an empowering experience for providers, not something that leaves them feeling exposed nor exploited. Come as you are, but be warned that the posting of illegal content will result in a ban.

Service User Gallery

Think of your gallery as an opportunity to accurately portray who you are and what you’re about. Sex work can be dangerous. By posting pictures of yourself, you are signaling to service providers that you are a safe person who is not afraid to let their guard down. This instills a sense of trust and is likely to yield more authentic connections and less games.

With that said, we understand discretion is of the utmost importance to our service users, which is why we do not require you to post images that feature your face.

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