You logged into Sensuali, you found your dream date and you arranged a booking for some time in the very near future. It all happened so fast, you think. Now what? 

what to expect when meeting an escort


Question numero uno. Do you have something specific that you want to try out sexually with your escort? If the answer is yes, the first thing you should do is communicate this with the escort before you meet and come to an agreement. The earlier, the better. You definitely can’t turn up and just demand to do freaky shit.

If you want to be extra good, read what escorts wish they could tell their clients to understand the reality of escort life and how you ca be respectful within that.

Okay, now that’s out the way, onto the day prep. The clock is ticking, you’re due to meet pretty soon. Just like a normal date, you’ll want to be looking and smelling good. Therefore, it’s time to take a shower, brush your teeth and put on some clean clothes- run of the mill stuff.


If it’s an incall (you go to them), you’ll arrive a couple of minutes early or bang on time at the address they have given you. If you’re a nice human being, you might have a small gift for them. It doesn’t have to be spenny or interesting, we’re talking flowers, choccies, you know the drill. Like you, your escort wants this to feel natural, so you’ll go through the usual arrival etiquette- they’ll likely offer you a drink/show you around.

If it’s an outcall (they go to you), you’ll wait inside your clean and presentable living quarters, with fresh towels and water on hand. You might even have gone the extra mile to create a savoury atmosphere, soft lighting and background music can go a long way!

When your guest arrives, the same thing goes: you’ll offer them a drink and do your best to make them feel welcome without being overbearing (no grabbing, kissing etc.) They might need a sec to set up their things, message/call someone to let them know they’re okay. 

Now onto the ££££. The dosh, the moular, the cha-ching. You’ll give them the money, usually in the form of cash neatly stashed into a little envelope. Standard procedure is to do this as soon as possible. It’s good to get it out of the way for both parties and your escort is going to feel way more comfortable once this is done.


Your escort might ask you to shower, they might take a shower too. Again, standard procedure and never personal. Don’t worry, they won’t rummage through your belongings and scarper with your every valuable the moment you leave the room, despite what this HILARIOUS wikiHow article claims (worth reading if you need a serious laugh.)

At this point, you might be raring to go; maybe there was an undeniable, animal attraction the instant you set eyes on one another and the two of you can hardly keep your clothes on. However, more likely as two complete strangers, there is still a little awkwardness. Forcing intimacy always equals crappy sex. So instead, your escort will try and get to know you a little over a drink. If they sense you’re feeling nervous, they’ll do what they can to relax you. This is a major part of an escort’s work. 


Before you know it, your escort will be making bedroom eyes at you and all of your worries will just melt away like they never even existed in the first place. If they don’t make the first move, you can, but make sure to start small eg: a gentle touch. Always ask if it’s okay to take it further. Consent is sexy.

Of course, sex is completely different with every experience, so this part is all subjective. But, a usual booking would involve oral sex for the client + penetrative sex. Condoms are always required, which the escort will supply. If you ever decide to take the condom off during sex, that’s a form of assault, so probably (definitely) don’t (!!!!!!!) do that. 

Before foreplay, your escort might do a little health check down there- don’t worry it’s not torch and magnifying glass business, in fact you probably won’t even know they’ve done it. Again, nothing personal, it’s just gotta be done. 

Escorts are sex maistros and they understand that there doesn’t have to be an end goal, ie an orgasm. They deal with plenty of people who struggle to finish for various reasons and there should be no pressure on either end for anyone to come. Your escort booking can be about discovery, experimentation, increasing your sexual confidence and gaining better understanding of your body and desires. It’s all about playing. 

Whilst your pleasure is priority here, realistically it takes two to tango- and if your escort is enjoying it, it’s going to make the experience a lot better for you also. So check in on them, and see what they like too. 


Cuddles? Escorts are not soulless heathens y’know. The job is about intimacy in every sense of the word. Good escorts enjoy getting to know people, and are happy to chat, so if you’ve had fun and there’s time left, don’t feel obliged to quickly do up your trousers and beat it. This is a place for you to let go, an escape from your usual life and any holdbacks that come with it. The pillow talk is sometimes the best part of it all. 


If there’s time, more showering probably. Your escort will normally let you know once your booking is coming to a close. If it’s an outcall, they’ll gather their things. You’ll say your goodbyes, and that’ll be the end of that. Not so terrifying after all, huh? 


So there you have it. You know all there is to know, what can go wrong? The most important thing is to always be respectful. This experience is primarily pleasure for you, and although it’s also often fun for them, it’s primarily work for an escort. Don’t overstep boundaries and let them lead the way. There’s no comfort quite like the comfort of a stranger. Bonne chance! 


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Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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