You might have a sexy playlist, but do you have a sensual one? A dreamy playlist filled with the kind of tunes that exclusively inspire sensuality, not only in the bedroom but in your everyday living. For all you soft sensualists out there, this is an immersive playlist taking you on a 24 hour journey of sensuality. Starting at dusk, these songs follow the mood through one sensualist night and into the next sensualist day, ending at dusk once again. Don’t hit shuffle!

The sensualist night

The sun is setting, the night is just beginning. Everything lies in front you. There’s a humming excitement.


Hello – Axel Boman

Straight Talker – Eliza 

Little Raver – Superpitcher

Ketema Gold – Dam Swindle

Felicity -Hologramme



The Way You Do – Dope Lemon

Running Off – Tricky, Oh Land

Earth Breath – Bloom

Buckwild (soul square remix) – Wax Tailor, Soul Sqaure, ldil

Black Swan – Thom Yorke


Things gradually begin to heat up as you lose sight of the sun completely. You reach a peak when the mood is fully risen and the night feels endless.



Dancing For The Answers – Nick Mulvey

Eulogy To Eunice – Acid Pauli 

Realla – TOKiMONSTA, Anderson .Paak

Temple – Jean Du Voyage

Real Blues – St Germain, DJ Deep, Romain Poncet




Underwater Love – Smoke City

A New Error – Moderat

Badd – Dark Sky

Honey – Death In Vegas, Sasha Grey

Cantara – Dead Can Dance


But  eventually, you start mellow as the sky turns a pale red, dawn is here.  



Papillons bleus – David Assaraf, Matthieu Chedid (M)

Swing With Me – Chrystabelle, David Lynch

Prism – Submotion Orchestra 

Dry Eyes – De-Phazz

My Funny Valentine – Seal



First Time – Macy Gray

Falling – Julee Cruise

Atome De Danse – Marc Romboy 

Bring The Sun (feat. Gry) – Frank & Tony

Dawn – Niklas Paschburg



The sensualist day

You wake the next morning, calm and fresh, still floating, still dreaming.    



Today – Zero 7, José González

I Walk, I Fly – Long Arm

Spring – Hania Rani

Mists Inhabit This Space

Avril 14th – Aphex Twin



Carousel #3 – Federico Albanese

Ypsilon – Ólafur Arnalds

Fårö – Martyn Heyne

Pale Forms Run By – Amon Tobin

Wild Star – Blutch


As you evolve through the day, you start to feel the mood of the sun more. You’ve woken up. 



Stop Rewind – Slim., Ella Mae Sueref

In a Manner of Speaking – Nouvelle Vague, Camille

Photo of You – Erika de Casier

In Search of Balance – Reginald Omas Mamode IV

Margin (Zachary Gray Remix) – Benoît Pioulard, Zachary Gray



Feelin’ Lovely – Devonté Hynes, Connan Mockasin

Can You Feel That – Smoke City

Chucum – El Búho

Show Me Your Mind – Sunken

Istoria Mias Kalpikis Liras – Padma Purana


As the sun once starts to set once again, you’re calm and nostalgic – you’ve come full circle. 



Plush – Cuckoo Spit

PILLOWTALK – Jamie Cullum

Koop Island Blues – Koop

Motherless Child – Romare

Va Savoir Pourquoi – Martin Léon

Song For Barbara Payton – The Avalanches



Cherry – Nostalgia 77, Josa Peit

I’ll See Big – Underworld, Iggy Pop

Halfway to Nowhere – Chelou

Forget Me Not – St Germain

Bye Bye – Onra




Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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