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Tamara Escort New York
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Female, Bisexual, New York

Let's chat first.. then we can have fun if we match

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LiveShowSingle Escort Nottingham
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Female, Straight, Nottingham

I’m a petite and sexy little bundle of fun and I’m here for a hobby not to make a living. I’ve always enjoyed fucking other men despite being married and swinger websites are just full of timewasters so I’m here at a price point that weeds out the inarticulate or disrespectful. I do ‘work’ alone but I can also bring my hubby along if you’d like the genuine swinger experience with some mmf or cuckolding; the price is the same.

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Mr_Fun_Alex Escort London


Male, Straight, London

Hi I’m Alex London’s superb charming sophisticated straight male escort, happy to travel to meet with you subject to a little notice and fair expenses. I have everything you’d expect from a high class companion. A sexy British gentleman, charming and fun. Who brings a sense of excitement to any evening. As I’m very open-minded and engaging. A keen sportsman with an athletic body and the stamina to match. Who promises to bring a sense of calm to any situation, perfectly setting up any meet to be exhilarating and memorable. Whether seeking a relaxed evening or intensity I will certainly be attentive to your desires and adapts. Who wishes nothing more than to bring you a special experience. As I’m a keen explorer and no stranger to travel I have a worldly view on life. Not to mentioned I have a wide range of different uniforms including Policeman, Fireman, Army, Pilot, Swat…and many more…. So if that’s your thing then look no further👮‍♂️👨‍🚒👨🏻‍✈️ What I offer: *Hotels *Shopping *Adventures *Spa Days *Games *Work functions *Theatre Shows, Opera *Live music, Shows or Gigs *Fake Boyfriend *Business Trip *Weddings *Holiday company National/ International *Shopping & Activity buddy *Parties/Events *Companionship *Weekends *Relaxing Massage Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other ideas or special requests that are not listed. Alex Xx

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Morgan Escort London
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Female, Pansexual, London

Well spoken English deviant

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MelissaM Escort London
4 1 3


Female, Straight, London

Perfect mix between naughty and nice

GFE Swinging
Mistress_Ae Escort London
5 5


Female, Bisexual, London

A unique facilitator of exploration and escapism

Primal Domination Face sitting
ZaraDuRose Escort London
15 1 9


Female, Bisexual, London

Natural redhead porntstar for your pleasure!

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AmberJensen Escort Liverpool
2 7


Female, Straight, Liverpool

Feeling flirty

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DexterH Escort London


Male, Straight, London

Peter Pan at heart gentleman with a fun personality and lots of stories. Enjoy walks in the park, travel, rugby and meeting people. Authentic, kind, considerate and respectful. Will speak to a homeless person the same as I would the King. Know the right side of the pavement to walk with a lady and happy to hold a door. Looking to meet like minded for a conversation and company for lunch / dinner in and around London.

Lunch Dinner
AbbyLexington Escort London


Female, Bisexual, London

Your petite British pocket rocket!

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SophieChambers Escort Bristol


Female, Bisexual, Bristol

Curvy all round big girl, offering fun and filthy meets. I provide outcalls at your home or at a hotel 💋

CIM Deep throat Face sitting GFE
RonBeastly Escort Bristol
5 3


Trans, Bisexual, Bristol

Trans man/FTM - a masculine guy with a wet secret down below that'll blow your mind!

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What is an escort?

Your pop-up companion for drinks, dinner and occasional debauchery.

An escort is a professional companion who provides company for various occasions. Escorts can sometimes attend events, dinners, or social functions with their client, offering a blend of conversation and charm. Escorts also tend to offer intimacy, depending on the agreed-upon terms. The relationship between an escort and their client is consensual and transactional, often involving clear communication about expectations and boundaries. 


What makes it hot?

Seeing an escort is an opportunity to experience companionship on a tailored and sometimes luxurious level. Escorts are skilled at providing engaging conversation, offering emotional support, and creating memorable and exciting experiences. The excitement lies in  an escape from your usual life plus the freedom to explore different sexual fantasies and activities without shame. The consensual nature of the arrangement allows individuals to enjoy the company of a companion without the complications of traditional relationships.



Clearly communicate expectations: Establish clear communication about expectations, services offered, and agreed-upon terms before meeting the escort.

Respect boundaries: Respect the personal boundaries of the escort and adhere to the agreed-upon terms of the encounter.

Practice good hygiene: Maintain personal hygiene to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for both parties.



Attempt negotiations during the meeting: Negotiate and discuss terms before the meeting to avoid awkward or uncomfortable conversations during the encounter.

Violate privacy: Respect the privacy of the escort. Avoid asking intrusive personal questions or attempting to discover personal details.

Assume consent for unagreed activities: Always obtain explicit consent for any activities beyond the agreed-upon terms. Respect the escort's boundaries and choices.



Can you build a genuine connection with an escort? While escorts provide companionship, it's important to remember that the relationship is transactional. Genuine connections can form, but they are typically within the boundaries of the agreed-upon terms.

 Is it appropriate to tip an escort, and how much is customary? Tipping is a personal choice and not mandatory. If you choose to tip, it is generally appreciated, and the amount can vary. Some clients tip around 10-20% of the agreed-upon fee, but there is no strict rule. It's also common for escort client to bring a small gift upon meeting an escort.

Can I request specific activities or scenarios during an escort encounter? You can discuss your preferences and desires with the escort before the meeting to ensure compatibility. However, it's important to respect the escort's boundaries and adhere to agreed-upon terms during the encounter.

Art in the context of sexwork: In conversation with Circe

Art in the context of sexwork: In conversation with Circe

As an artist sex worker, making art about your sex work experiences is not unheard of, but what about the other way round? What about bringing your artistry into the realms of your sex work? I chatted to Circe about her journey as an artist and a sex worker, and how her artful erotic photoshoots allow her to express her creativity whilst also bringing in clientele.

Thursday 20 April 2023

The Sex Worker Hierarchy

The Sex Worker Hierarchy

The sex worker community is guilty for being judgemental towards forms of sex work different to their own. Especially as the industry becomes more and more class divided.

Monday 23 January 2023

8 Types of Escort Clients

8 Types of Escort Clients

A pessimist's take on some of the characterful clients you encounter as an escort.

Wednesday 21 December 2022

An Escort’s Guide to the Festive Season

An Escort’s Guide to the Festive Season

Tops tips on surviving the festive season (during a financial crisis) as an escort.

Thursday 15 December 2022

What Escorts Wish They Could Tell Clients

What Escorts Wish They Could Tell Clients

When escorts are literally paid to be all sweet and sexy, it's difficult for them to voice any angers they feel about the behaviour of their clients. Here's a few (slightly angry) pointers that every escort wishes they could tell their clients.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Client Interview: A Coming of Age Tale

Client Interview: A Coming of Age Tale

I sat down with a friend to discuss the sexual shenanigans of his youth, which include losing his virginity to an escort, dating sex workers, and almost getting roped into sex work in a meet-up gone wrong. 

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Inside the mind of a punter

Inside the mind of a punter

What really goes through the mind of a guy when he’s selecting an escort? I interviewed one to find out. 

Thursday 3 March 2022

What to Expect When Meeting an Escort

What to Expect When Meeting an Escort

An escort date from start to finish.

Monday 14 February 2022

Safe escorting in the UK: The top organisations that can Support You

Safe escorting in the UK: The top organisations that can Support You

A breakdown of the most helpful and progressive networks across the UK for sex workers.

Friday 14 January 2022