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6d ago
Gender fluid, 33, Pansexual
London UK

Your fave hairy Sassy babe encouraging you to come out and play 💋

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Hey honeys, I'm a hairy fairy with a soft Dom side, here to encourage body confidence and liberated sensual expression.
I advocate for open conversations around desire and intimacy in my every day life and profession.

Alongside being an erotic performer, sensual dancer, and intimacy facilitator, I'm also a podcaster (check out my channel The Sassy Show) and writer bringing light to the many sides of kink, sexuality, gender and desire.

The cherry on my sassy cake is my work as a photographer - I love helping folks get comfortable in their own sassy sides in front of the camera and always LOVE when new clients want to book a session with me

Fancy plucking the many strings to my bow? Give me a shout - I'll only bite if you ask me to 💋

Sensuali collabs

Erotic photography modelling: a love letter to yourself

Erotic photography modelling: a love letter to yourself

Bethany Burgoyne
Posted by Bethany Burgoyne

Wednesday 1 May 2024

From a sexy selfie to a professional photoshoot, capturing your sensuality on camera can be a confidence boosting experience. Expert erotic photographer and model, Sassy is here to tell you how.

Meet content creator & sensual photographer: BxSassy

Meet content creator & sensual photographer: BxSassy

Iso Bethany Burgoyne
Co-authored by Iso & Bethany Burgoyne

Sunday 28 April 2024

There's a brand new sexfluencer on the block! Introducing the iconic BxSassy, the content creator and sensual photographer who is all for expression, art, sex and empowerment.

More about BxSassy

Gender fluid(She/Ter) , Pansexual
My experiences are for Couple, Female, Gender fluid, Intersex, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: London UK
33 years old
I speak English
5'7 ft
Party Sometimes
A few Piercings
A few Tattoos


Kink and fetish, intimacy and body touch are all areas that I enjoy exploring with clients who are eager to dig deeper into their sensual sides. Starting with a 10 minute phonecall, we discuss your desires and dreams. If I'm able to assist you in stepping into this fantasy and you feel confident I'm the person to guide you then the sensual workshop is all yours.

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