Live stream

Live action attraction.

Savannah Live stream Cardiff
5 2 1 5


Escort & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Cardiff UK

Let me raise your standards in-between the sheets.

Live stream Couples Filming GFE
vitavolition Live stream Berlin
14 4


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Queer, Berlin DE

Your pain is my pleasure 😈⛓️🖤

Live stream Bondage CBT CFNM JOI
Greenxqueen Live stream Marcillac-Lanville
3 6


Muse & Content creator

Female, Bicurious, Marcillac-Lanville FR

Subs and paypigs to the front

Live stream Chastity Cuckold
xTiffany_Dollx Live stream Brighton and Hove
3 1 1 2


Sugar baby & Content creator

Trans, Queer, Brighton and Hove UK

Just a chill, cute, trans girl who loves to explore her sensuality.

Live stream Photo PPM Video
zvtiger2023 Live stream Eagle Mountain


Erotic audio & Content creator

Couple, Pansexual, Eagle Mountain UT US

Couple offering and looking for new experiences. We specialize performing for couples or singles

Live stream Art show Photo Video
MsGeminex Live stream Phoenix
4 1 3


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Demisexual, Phoenix AZ US

Seductive in My ways to tease, torment and train submissive little pets. Traveling often. FMTY & in-calls.

Live stream Bondage Chastity
TheMominatrix Live stream Seattle
9 1 1


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Seattle WA US

Mommy is ready, are you?

Live stream Bondage Chastity
gingerroot Live stream Austin
12 3


Photographer & Content creator

Male, Pansexual, Austin TX US

I am very open to most scenarios and will always honor your boundaries and our agreements. My personal meaning in this lifetime is to find the beauty hidden by the universe and to facilitate pleasure in all I do. I was blessed with a great eye for photography which I have been honing since my first photography class in high school, over 20 years ago. I also have loved being seen doing can shows and other homemade videos. I love when my creative mind is inspired and can surprise myself with the vast variety of possibilities available.

Live stream Discretion kink Pan
gemmarosepole Live stream Sheffield
6 3 1 1


Dancer & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, Sheffield UK

Britain's best bedroom eyes...experience them irl

Live stream Burlesque Go-Go Book
TheGoddessGina Live stream London


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Asexual, London UK

Goddess Gina is the burlesque bombshell who doubles as the dominant delight you’ve been dreaming of. She is a complex, layered, satirical character - engineered to project Femmefuturist social commentary out into the world, via the artistic medium of Femdom. Are you ready to be ensnared by Her sticky, seductive pull into Her universe?

Live stream Domination
StellarStella Live stream Austin
5 5


Escort & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, Austin TX US

double wide luxury thighs

Live stream Couples Deep throat
Lovelymaya Live stream Leuven
4 1


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Leuven BE

Hii :) I’m Maya, your petite and kinky not so average girl next door. I love having a good time and am allergic to drama. I’d say I’m a bratty sub, but if you can show me who’s in charge, I can be a very good girl 😘

Live stream Dinner Discretion
What is live stream?

What is live stream?

Live action attraction.

If a provider tags 'live stream' on their Sensuali profile it means that they do or are open to doing a live cam stream. This in other words is a real-time broadcast where providers talk with those watching and sometimes engage in sensual activities. These streams can range from solo performances to interactions with viewers, often involving adult themes and sexual content. They are typically hosted on specialised platforms where users can watch, chat, and sometimes tip or request specific actions from the performers. .

What makes it hot?

Watching a sensual live stream offers a unique blend of intimacy and excitement. The real-time interaction allows viewers to feel a direct connection with the performer, enhancing the sense of immediacy and personal engagement. This dynamic creates an immersive experience where viewers can participate, make requests, and receive instant feedback, making each session unique and tailored to their preferences. The thrill of watching someone live, combined with the potential for personal interaction, adds a layer of excitement that pre-recorded content cannot match.

If you find a provider on Sensuali who streams, you can ask them how they stream and state what you're looking for specifically.

Yes, as long as you follow platform guidelines and maintain respectful behaviour. Avoid sharing personal information to ensure your privacy and safety.

Most platforms have a tipping system where you can send tips along with your requests. Performers will usually accommodate requests within their comfort zone and platform rules.


Be respectful: Treat the performer with respect and kindness, acknowledging their efforts and boundaries.

Engage positively: Use the chat function to send positive comments, requests, and tips in a polite manner.

Use appropriate language: Communicate using respectful and appropriate language, avoiding offensive or crude remarks.

Tip generously: Show your appreciation for the performer’s efforts by tipping appropriately, especially if you make specific requests.


Harass: Avoid making demands or comments that could be perceived as harassment or coercion.

Overstep boundaries: Respect the performer’s limits and do not pressure them into actions they are uncomfortable with.

Share personal information: Keep personal details private and do not ask the performer to share theirs.

Disruptive behaviour: Don’t engage in behaviour that could disrupt the stream or make other viewers uncomfortable.

Record without permission: Respect the performer’s content by not recording or distributing their stream without explicit consent.

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