My lens is into your lust.



Male, Straight, Las Cruces NM US

Immersive Shibari experience documented with artistic photography One on one shibari education in a hands on environment. Or partnered tying with instruction.

Education Educational 1 on 1
ProPhotographer Photographer London


Photographer & Content creator

Male, Straight, London UK

I am a professional photographer and have been shooting glamour for magazines (e.g. Penthouse, Maxim, Loaded etc) for many years. I also very often help escorts and doms to create fantastic images for their profiles. I am relaxed and prefer to have a fun but professional atmosphere when I shoot. I can offer great value packages to suit your needs.

gingerroot Photographer Austin
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Photographer & Content creator

Male, Pansexual, Austin TX US

I am very open to most scenarios and will always honor your boundaries and our agreements. My personal meaning in this lifetime is to find the beauty hidden by the universe and to facilitate pleasure in all I do. I was blessed with a great eye for photography which I have been honing since my first photography class in high school, over 20 years ago. I also have loved being seen doing can shows and other homemade videos. I love when my creative mind is inspired and can surprise myself with the vast variety of possibilities available.

Discretion Dragon experience
LaylaKosima Photographer London


Photographer & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London UK

Good girls don't make history.

Art Erotic photography
SenorBabe Photographer London



Gender fluid, Queer, London UK

I'm ready to shoot you. DM me for rates

Erotic photography
melissaohbaby Photographer Miami
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Female, Sapiosexual, Miami FL US

I’ve always been a bit hyper sexual and until finding out about the joy of kink and shamelessly embracing myself, it was rough self exploring. Now I hope to help other do the same through my art of photography, companionship, and talk therapy.

Boudoir photography



Male, Straight, Bacton UK

The camera bag is always packed and ready to immortalise you

Adult calender Boudoir shoots
MisterBeardman Photographer Omak


Photographer & Content creator

Male, Straight, Omak WA US

Primal Pleasure Dom with a degree in photography. Erotic, BDSM, and Boudoir photography is my passion.

Boudoir photography Domination
pixielevinson Photographer London


Photographer & Content creator

Female, Straight, London UK


Photo Video Book Fetish art
BxSassy Photographer London
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Photographer & Content creator

Gender fluid, Pansexual, London UK

Your fave hairy Sassy babe encouraging you to come out and play 💋

Body Worship Book Dance Photo



Male, Gay, London UK

Sex witch life coach - here to make you comfortable in your skin. Soft critical musings shedding light on your greatest strengths.

Companionship Gay coaching
Whoretographer Photographer London



Non Binary, Queer, London UK

Whoretographer, the artist formally known as Poppy Pray, fell camera-first into an East London brothel during their second week of university, a serendipitous moment that unveiled the purpose of their practice and foreshadowed their future career as a photographic researcher. After moving to London in 2021 to pursue their undergraduate, Pray has spent the time since slinking around strip clubs, dungeons, rehabilitation homes, family estates, brothels, Victorian hospitals, anywhere they can get away with. Feeling compelled to use the photographic medium to advocate for the recognition of sex worker’s labour rights and the full decriminalisation of sex work, predominantly capturing strippers and escorts, who Butterfield works alongside and collaboratively with out of an urge to be heard and seen in a vortex of censorship and erasure. This compulsion to document was fuelled by the indifference and demonization of sex workers prevalent in academia and broader patriarchal society.

What is a photographer?

What is a photographer?

My lens is into your lust.

A sensual or erotic photographer is a professional who specialises in creating visually compelling images that explore themes of sensuality, intimacy, and human sexuality. These photographers use their skills to capture and convey the beauty, passion, and eroticism of the human form.

What makes it hot?

Artistic expression: Erotic photography is often celebrated for its ability to blend artistic expression with the celebration of human sensuality, creating images that go beyond mere titillation.

Emotional connection: Well-executed erotic photographs can evoke strong emotional responses, tapping into the viewer's own desires and fantasies, and creating a deeper connection with the subject matter.

Breaking taboos: Erotic photography has the potential to challenge societal norms and taboos, providing a space for the exploration and appreciation of diverse expressions of human sexuality.

Yes, many view erotic photography as a form of art that celebrates the beauty of the human body and explores the complexities of human sensuality.

Communication is key. Models should communicate their boundaries, preferences, and concerns with the photographer beforehand.

Yes, when approached with respect and professionalism, many individuals find participating in erotic photography to be empowering, allowing them to express their own sensuality on their terms.

I booked a sensual photoshoot, here’s how it went

I booked a sensual photoshoot, here’s how it went

Tara Margulies
Posted by Tara Margulies

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Tara Margulies aka movewithtara tells us all about her recent sensual photoshoot that she booked on Sensuali with photographer Layla Kosima.

Erotic photography modelling: a love letter to yourself

Erotic photography modelling: a love letter to yourself

Bethany Burgoyne
Posted by Bethany Burgoyne

Wednesday 1 May 2024

From a sexy selfie to a professional photoshoot, capturing your sensuality on camera can be a confidence boosting experience. Expert erotic photographer and model, Sassy is here to tell you how.

Meet content creator & sensual photographer: BxSassy

Meet content creator & sensual photographer: BxSassy

Iso Bethany Burgoyne
Co-authored by Iso & Bethany Burgoyne

Sunday 28 April 2024

There's a brand new sexfluencer on the block! Introducing the iconic BxSassy, the content creator and sensual photographer who is all for expression, art, sex and empowerment.


Prioritise consent: Always prioritise and obtain explicit consent from models involved in the shoot. Ensure they feel comfortable and respected throughout the process.

Focus on lighting and composition: Pay attention to lighting and composition to create aesthetically pleasing and evocative images. Thoughtful framing and lighting can enhance the mood and narrative of the photograph.

Maintain professionalism: Approach the work with professionalism. Clear communication, respect for boundaries, and maintaining a professional demeanour contribute to a positive working environment.


No exploitation: Do not exploit or objectify the subjects. Aim to convey sensuality and eroticism with respect, steering clear of degrading or demeaning portrayals.

Skip informed consent: Never skip the process of informed consent. Clearly communicate the nature of the shoot, the intended use of the images, and any potential implications for the models involved.

Stay within legal boundaries: Be aware of and adhere to legal regulations surrounding erotic content in your region. Understanding and respecting legal boundaries is crucial for ethical and professional photography.


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