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Impact play

AvaSheridon BDSM London
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Female, Sapiosexual, London

The only elite disciplinarian you'll ever need.

Impact play Bondage Chastity
MadameGrayy BDSM Northampton
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Female, Bisexual, Northampton

I am Based in Northampton, but also travel to London frequently. I am a sadist and heavily enjoy making men suffer at my feet. I have been in the scene for 3 years now and also attend kink events In London. I love submissive men that make it their best interest to make my life easier. As well as a real time mistress/madame, I also enjoy playing with my subs online. my main kinks are CBT, Financial Domination, Pegging, Humiliation , Worship , Latex and Heavy impact play… and basically anything that will make you suffer 🥵 Hard limits: - CNC - Hardsports - Age play - Race play -Blackmail Session prices vary. [email protected]

Impact play Ballbusting Bondage
rubensabreumt Massage London


Male, Straight, London

Sensual Yoni Massage for Women and Couples

Impact play 4 hands FBSM Sensual
Impact play

What is Impact Play?

Impact play. Where punishment meets pleasure, one whip at a time.

Impact play is an activity in the world of BDSM and kink. It involves one person (the 'top' or 'dominant') delivering various forms of physical impact to another person (the 'bottom' or 'submissive'). The purpose of impact play is typically to create sensations of pain for the sub, which in turn creates pleasure for both partners.

Impact play can take many forms, such as spanking, whipping or caning. What makes it hot? The appeal of impact play is often rooted in punishment. It's about those fulfilling those fantasies surrounding people in positions of power like school teachers. Many people love impact play purely for the rush of endorphins they receive from the pain. Others like the idea of being branded because the connotations it carries of being owned by somebody.



Have an open discussion about why you are both into impact play and what you want to get out of it.

Research. Whether you're spanking or being spanked, it's important to know the right parts of the body which are safe to hit.

Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare. No matter how soft or heavy the play, spending close time together afterwards is imperative.


Rush into the hardcore stuff. A slow build of impact play is always sexier, anyway.

Go near the lower back. This can cause permanent damage and is a hard no-go area.

Begin without discussing a safe word. This is crucial to all BDSM play. 

Safety is paramount. Communicate openly with your partner about limits, use safe words, and establish clear signals to indicate comfort levels. Start slowly, especially if you're new to impact play, and avoid sensitive areas like the kidneys and spine. Regularly check in with your partner to ensure their well-being.

While there is specialised BDSM equipment available, you can start with everyday items like hands, belts, or wooden spoons for lighter impact play. If you progress to more intense activities, consider investing in purpose-built tools like floggers or paddles. Always prioritise the cleanliness and safety of any items used.

Absolutely. Many people find pleasure in both giving and receiving sensations from impact play. It can be a way to explore power dynamics, experience different sensations, and enhance intimacy. Open communication ensures that both partners derive enjoyment and satisfaction from the experience.

Sensual kink experiences: the top 10

Sensual kink experiences: the top 10

Welcome to the wonderful world of kink. Sensuali looks beyond taboos and provides a space for us to understand our desires better. Whether you’re seeking or offering, it’s all about exploration for everyone. Here’s our top 10 crème de la kink experiences. 

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