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Mixed wrestling sessions: meet WrestleTanya

Posted by Iso

Friday 14 July 2023

We caught up with Sensuali Ambassador WrestleTanya, the mixed wrestling extraordinaire. We spoke about the importance of authenticity in her sessions, the excitement of mixed wrestling, and why people shouldn't be shy about paying for professional services.

Pinned underneath me you struggle for control. You feel my feminine strength holding you firmly in place, each time to try to vie for control I add more pressure and also... more pain. You know you want to surrender, to give in, to let go, my curly tresses, wicked grin and womanly curves distract you but you're not quite ready to give up the fight. That is, until I start whispering in your ear...

This is often called 'mixed wrestling' and 'session wrestling'. It's about two people who are not evenly matched (ie a man and a woman) wrestling 1:1 with rules they choose, grappling from the knees. Some like pin matches, some like submission, some people just like to feel totally helpless as I take control.

I don't tie you, I don't use tools, just the power and strength of my body to control you, allowing you to surrender and let go.

Sensuali Ambassador
Female(She), Bisexual
I'm open to Female, Male, Non Binary, Trans
36 years old
I speak English
160 cm
Party Sometimes
No Piercings
No Tattoos

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