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What is wrestling?

The hot girl version of Fight Club.

Wrestling is a niche subgenre of professional wrestling or amateur wrestling that incorporates elements of fetishism. It often involves participants wearing specific costumes, uniforms, or outfits that cater to various fetishes and kinks. These outfits can range from latex and leather to costumes with specific themes, such as schoolgirl uniforms, spandex, or other attire that may be considered sexually provocative. The participants in fetish wrestling matches may engage in various wrestling techniques and holds, similar to traditional wrestling. However, the primary focus is often on the visual appeal and erotic aspects of the wrestling, catering to the fetishes and fantasies of the audience. Fetish wrestling can include scripted storylines, role-playing, and other elements designed to enhance the fetish experience.

What makes it hot?

What some find exciting about it may include the power dynamics, the physical closeness, and the element of competition or play. However, it's crucial to emphasise the importance of consent, communication, and safety in any such activities.





It can be safe when practiced with clear communication, consent, and attention to safety measures. Always prioritise the well-being of all participants.

Experience in wrestling is not mandatory, but a basic understanding of safety, consent, and communication is crucial. Start slowly and gradually explore the dynamics with a trusted partner.

Yes, sexual wrestling can be incorporated into BDSM play, but it's essential to follow BDSM principles such as communication, consent, and aftercare.

Mixed wrestling sessions: meet WrestleTanya

Posted by Iso

Friday 14 July 2023

We caught up with Sensuali Ambassador WrestleTanya, the mixed wrestling extraordinaire. We spoke about the importance of authenticity in her sessions, the excitement of mixed wrestling, and why people shouldn't be shy about paying for professional services.


Communication and consent: Always communicate openly with your partner, discussing boundaries, desires, and safe words before engaging in any form of sexual wrestling.

Safety first: Prioritise safety by ensuring a clear and padded play area to prevent injuries. Establish rules to avoid overly aggressive moves that could lead to harm.

Establish trust: Build a foundation of trust with your partner. Trust is essential for creating a safe and enjoyable experience for both participants.


Ignore boundaries: Respect your partner's limits and boundaries. Never engage in moves or activities that haven't been explicitly agreed upon beforehand.

Neglect safe words: Always have a safe word in place, and stop immediately if it is used. Ignoring a safe word can lead to emotional and physical harm.

Underestimate risks: Be aware of the potential risks associated with physical activities. If you or your partner have any health concerns or physical limitations, take them into account and adjust the play accordingly.