Meet WrestleTanya, the friendly but fiesty female wrestler providing mixed wrestling sessions (and more) to humans in London, Manchester and occasionally beyond. Her experience and talent combined with her playful personality makes Tanya a truly captivating mixed wrestling provider in the current UK ring. We catch up in our London office to discuss the details of a wrestling session, and the importance of normalising paid professional services.

Tell us about what you do.

I’ve been specialising in pro-dom wrestling since 2009. I really enjoy asserting my feminine strength and holding my wrestling partner firmly in place. I don’t tie you; I don’t use tools, just the power and strength of my body to control you, allowing you to surrender and let go. 

There are many different types of fights, and no two sessions are the same. Some sessions are sporty and semi-competitive, others are more about the psychological domination – depends what you fancy really as all sessions are bespoke to you.

My service is often called ‘mixed wrestling‘ or ‘session wrestling’ as it embraces the fact that the two opponents are not evenly matched (ie a man and a woman) and are wrestling with rules they choose, grappling from the knees. There are no weight, experience, or sex considerations to create a pair unlike sporting matches..

Some clients like pin matches, some like submission, and some people just like to feel totally helpless as I take control. 

Here you can book a mixed wrestling session with me! 

a typical mixed wrestling session with WrestleTanya
A typical mixed wrestling session with WrestleTanya.


How did you get into mixed wrestling?

As a kid, I was always super active – a tomboy who loved football, judo, combat, rugby, and longsword fighting. I was already an active member of Informed Consent (the OG UK kink platform before Fetlife took over) and someone was talking about wrestling which piqued my interest. Getting paid to have fun!? I met the inimitable Honey at the legendary London Wrestling Studio, an industrial unit in East London in 2009 which became my first proper home on the mixed wrestling scene where I met many of my regulars who I still see today.


What was your first experience in the space?

I can’t quite remember but I know that once I met the right people, I just fell in love and ran with it. Mixed wrestling felt really natural to me and as I had already been fighting the boys in judo and with swords, it wasn’t a huge moment for me – just a natural continuation of the fun and I haven’t looked back since. 

What services do you offer?

I offer in-person semi-competitive mixed wrestling matches and primal domination sessions, primarily in London and Manchester but occasionally further afield. My online DM roleplay services are also very popular! 


There is no common client profile, they vary massively, My youngest client was 18, and the oldest was in his 70s. Whilst I am gender inclusive, all my clients so far have been male.


What happens in a session?

I’m very good at understanding your deepest desires and I enjoy creating a space you feel totally safe in to be seen in so you can just let go of control – even if you resist at first… I also enjoy a more sporty competitive mixed wrestling match where we test the power of my body against yours to see who is the better opponent. Yes, I might be a little bit competitive!

In a typical match, I’ll pin you down. Underneath me, you struggle for control. You feel my feminine strength holding you firmly in place. Each time you try to take control, I add more pressure until you submit or I count you down…you’ll be battling between love and hate, and want to surrender, but you’re not quite ready to give up the fight. Delicious, no?

I’ve written a blog post all about what a mixed wrestling session is like for first timers if you want to know more.

How long are the sessions?

1 hour typically. I’ve started offering a social service too as I really like talking about mixed wrestling, getting to know wonderful people better and it’s great after a session as we can debrief how the fight went. It’s a great way to deepen the relationship as it means I can understand you more which means every booking just gets better and better. Also because, well, beer is tasty.


MeetTanya in mixed wrestling match.
Mid-match with MeetTanya.


What about dirty tricks?

Not allowed for the boys! You have a natural weight advantage so if you don’t mind marks (a boundary that gets discussed) and you like things a little more primal then I might use sensation play – aka biting and scratching, to add to the overwhelm or use a cheeky elbow and a pressure point to squeeze out of a lock or two.

I can be a bit more cruel in domination sessions and let the sadist in me emerge. If you like things a little softer then I’ll use smothering to my advantage. 

For the record – I’m totally capable of a clean match! I just have a wonderfully wicked side to me that’s fun to play with if my partner agrees.


Are these sessions a form of kink?

Absolutely. Whether you call it mixed wrestling, primal domination or play-fighting, it’s all kink because it’s all consensual. As it is my job (the best job in the world), it also falls under pro-domination, regardless of whether it’s more to the role-play end of the scale or more a competitive match.

It’s an extremely liberating experience for both of us, and even though there isn’t anything sexual going on, I personally find it very erotic, especially if I get to play with my food… 

The lingo lately in the kink scene talks about ‘primal play’ and I love this term. It embraces how incredibly natural it is to play with predator and prey dynamics.


Some clients are worried the transactional element makes it less authentic. I can understand where that comes from, but we find truth through performance all the time.



What don’t you offer?

I expect the session to get heated, and often my partner’s arousal will be visible, but in short- I don’t touch dicks . We discuss boundaries in advance and while I don’t offer certain services, I never judge or shame people for liking what they like. If you get turned on, I’m going to take it as a compliment – and absolutely use it against you!

Some wrestlers offer knockouts (KOs), but it’s not something I enjoy. I find it much more fun to take you to the point of unconsciousness, and then bring you back. It’s all about the power play. I generally don’t combine tools in my play, I like to dominate with my body alone, but I do like hearing fun suggestions. I like to explore so I’m always happy to try to out new things – no judgement – just ask!

I also don’t offer any filmed sessions although I know plenty of people who do that I can recommend.


Do you offer an online service?

Given how niche my offering is, many people want to discuss it in more detail to understand if it’s right for them so I’ll offer them an online session to explore this in more detail. For those of you who don’t live local these chat sessions can be really fun in themselves. I’ve had video calls and chat sessions with people all over the world – and I even offer a DM roleplay service for those who can’t wait until their next session, or who are not able to have in-person sessions.

It’s been really fun connecting with the global community and not just those who travel to the UK.


Who is your typical client?

There is no common client profile, they vary massively, My youngest client was 18, and the oldest was in his 70s. Whilst I am gender inclusive, all my clients so far have been male. I really enjoy wrestling guys so that’s why mixed wrestling works for me. I don’t get the same satisfaction with women which is why I tend not to do live shows.

Everyone I’ve worked with has been absolutely lovely, and I feel very safe. There’s a standing offer from our wonderful studio manager at The Submission Room to chaperone any session if we feel uncomfortable. With a kink like this, the safety of both parties is the most important thing and it’s something that is always prioritised.

Some clients love to book multiple wrestlers for one session to create a different vibe. Each session really does vary massively. 


A lot of the adult industry feels very seedy to me and I don’t like that. Sexuality and the exploration of it is a fun, joyful thing for me and Sensuali reflects how I feel about that.


Why pay for professional services?

There is much less stigma around paying for sessions than there used to be. In the past, pursuing any niche kink would have been regarded as shameful, whereas thankfully, kink in general is becoming much more mainstream and accepted. There is no benefit in suppressing your needs; why not embrace them for your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction? Life is short.

For a lot of couples, these kind of sessions like mixed wrestling don’t fall under the category of cheating which is nice. Seeing a professional helps to create that clear boundary for the other partner, and makes them feel more secure than they might feel if you met up with another aficionado. 

I was speaking with a couple last year where the woman had health issues which meant she was unable to do battle, but she was very supportive of her partner seeing me and we discussed openly everyone’s boundaries as a group. It was a really nice feeling being perved on by a couple, feeling that consent – and they even bought me some underwear (she has excellent taste)!

Are your sessions authentic?

Absolutely. People worry that the transactional element makes it less authentic. I can understand where that comes from, but we find truth through performance all the time. If you’ve ever felt moved watching a film, reading a book or listening to a song – they’re all pretend – but there’s truth there. This is another way of exploring truth.

The trick is to find someone who genuinely loves it. There’s always a risk that someone is a very good performer – but that’s part of the journey. Keep sessioning until you meet someone you find that authentic connection with. So what if you pay them? You can still have a great massage and pay the masseuse, or be moved by your favourite band and pay to see them. We’re experts. We do this a lot. Why not value and invest in that expertise? 

People in the adult industry will naturally gravitate towards the specialisms that they love. It’s how we stay sane in the job – by constantly finding new and interesting ways to explore it. For example, I’m getting into WAM otherwise known as sploshing. There are also session types we don’t enjoy and therefore don’t offer. I absolutely won’t do things I don’t like just for the money!

For example, I don’t like humiliating people. I like to mock you, sure,  but not humiliate you. So I pass those session requests on to a friend. Otherwise I’d just be performing for you and that doesn’t do it for me. Trust that the provider you’re seeing has accepted your session request because they too are excited by the thing that you’re seeking and also are happy with your vibe. 

Shock horror  – we also turn down people we don’t like, so always behave like a decent human being as I have absolutely told people who aren’t showing me a basic level of respect to get lost. 

How can people get into mixed wrestling?

There are a number of ways; you can go on Fetlife and see if there’s anyone about who shares your kink. Open Relating have also started running Conscious Playfighting workshops in London and Manchester. However, the fastest, most convenient and safest way to get an introduction would be to go to one of the studios – my homes are The Submission Room in London and The Wrestle Factory in Manchester.

They run parties every quarter so you can see it live and meet some fellow fans, say hi to the wrestlers and if you’re feeling brave, have a mini match. Or you can book a 1:1 introduction (with me!) where privately we’ll go through the moves and I’ll teach you how to be safe as we explore the things you find the most fun about mixed wrestling. The sessions are tailored around all the elements that most appeal to you so you can dive right into the experience.

How have you found Sensuali?

It’s been really great. A lot of the adult industry feels very seedy to me and I don’t like that. Sexuality and the exploration of it is a fun, joyful thing for me and Sensuali reflects how I feel about that. It’s super easy to use, everyone has been lovely so far and it hasn’t forced me to describe myself or present my identity in ways that make my skin crawl like some platforms. I love the open approach to sexuality and it’s a place that makes me feel proud to offer my expertise to others.


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Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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