As an outsider looking in, when you first hear about sploshing aka WAM (wet and messy fetish), it can be difficult to see what could possibly be exciting about chucking custard over someone, or having custard chucked all over you or for that matter, watching people chucking custard over each other.

When you look a little closer, it’s quickly easy to see what makes sploshing sexy. It’s a dynamic kink that can tie in with many other kinks, meaning that there’s a range of ways to find excitement from it. Here are 5 top ways that you can explore the wonderful world of sploshing.

What is sploshing?

Sploshing in a BDSM typa way⛓

Many people enjoy sploshing through the idea of power dynamics. If you’re into humiliation play or degradation play, sploshing could definitely be your thing. The messiness and vulnerability associated with being covered in substances may be used as a form of consensual humiliation within the context of a power exchange relationship.

Sploshing can also incorporate bondage and sensory depravation. To restrain somebody or blindfold them whilst covering them in a slimy substance can heighten the sense of power and vulnerability in sploshing. Many people got into sploshing as a result of the 90s phenomenon of ‘gunging’ or ‘sliming’ people as a punishment in TV game shows of the era, so the idea of sploshing being seen as a sort of degradation is common.

To enhance this feeling even more, some individuals find pleasure in the act of destroying clothing during sploshing sessions. This can involve tearing, cutting, or otherwise damaging garments, adding an element of controlled destruction to the sensory experience. Others enjoy sploshing nude as that can also be seen as a form of humiliation. Finally, incorporating foods that are especially bad or smelly- think dog food or fishy produce, also brings out the sense of punishment.


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Primal style sploshing👣

For those who enjoy a more earthy and primal experience, mud and clay sploshing can be an enticing option. The cool, wet sensation of mud against the skin can provide a unique and sensual experience. Some enthusiasts find the tactile nature of mud or clay to be both grounding and liberating, allowing them to connect with their primal instincts.

People who aren’t necessarily into toys and power play, but instead are more interested in sex as something more raw and natural might be into sploshing with these earthy materials. Those who are into sensual wrestling are often also be into primal play. The incorporation of oils or muds into wrestling can make the experience more feel sensory and primal.


Sploshing for the senses💦

If we forget about the psychological stuff, sploshing is simply a sensory delight. Sex and arousal is so much about the senses, so it’s understandable that sploshing would be something that could enhance our desires. For many, sploshing is about:

The visual

People love the colours involved in sploshing. Participants may cover themselves or their partners with vibrant paints, creating a visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing experience. The bright green colour of gunge is a popular choice for many sploshing enthusiasts. Most people who like sploshing tend to record themselves, so that they can have the visual satisfaction of watching back the experience.

The smell

Whether the smell is good or bad, it’s a big part of the experience, not to mention taste. Just think of the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Didn’t we all dream of something like that as a kid? That’s what sploshing can be all about.

The touch

Potentially the biggest sensory aspect is the touch. People enjoy the slippery, lube-like feel of gunge, other enjoy the stickiness of cream. If you’re into temperature play, sploshing might be a hit for you. Think cold ice-cream, or warm custard.

Wet and messy clothing

As mentioned in the BDSM aspect of sploshing, clothing can play a big role in sploshing. From a sensory angle, this can involve wearing clothes made of materials that become transparent or clingy when wet, adding an element of anticipation and visual stimulation. The tactile sensation of wet fabric against the skin can enhance the overall sensory experience.

Overall ambience

Conversely, others may enhance the experience by combining sploshing with elements like music, scents, or ambient lighting to create a more immersive and stimulating environment.

Read our interview with Splosh Muffin, who makes custom sploshing content


Age regression sploshing🎨

When we were children, all most of ever wanted to do was create a massive mess. We just couldn’t resist sticking our hands in the most gooey, random substances and throwing them all over the place. And we gradually got it drilled into us that we should be clean, respectful humans. So naturally, what we love to do in sex is explore taboos and do things that we were told not to do as children. This is a huge part of the appeal, and may be partly why people enjoy food sploshing especially. Think baked beans or spaghetti.

You might enjoy sploshing if you enjoy age regression play. Because sploshing is similarly a way to let go of adult responsibilities and feel stress-free and silly for a certain amount of time.


Sploshing within a crush fetish🎂

In the realm of crush fetish, sploshing can find an intriguing intersection, particularly through the popular love of cake sitting. The act involves an individual sitting or squashing a cake with their body, creating a visual spectacle that combines the allure of sploshing with the fascination for crushing objects.

The sensation of the cake’s texture beneath the body, coupled with the messiness of the encounter, enhances the sensory experience for enthusiasts of crush fetish. Sploshing and a crush fetish can intertwine in this way- by crushing certain foods, creating a feeling of both sensuality and dominance.

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Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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