Did you know that you can be dominant without wanting to inflict pain and you can be submissive without wanting to receive pain. In sensual domination, the focus in on pleasure and reward. But how does this style materialise? What is actually involved in a sensual domination session? How does the D/S dynamic work without the pain and punishment? It’s more about control and less about cruelty.


An ambient scene is often set in sensual domination sessions, as this form of domination is often slower and softer, allowing more space to focus on the senses.

In action: The dominant might host, allowing them the control to create a sexy atmosphere. For example: low lighting, candles, music, aromatherapy.


Sensory play🪶

Sensory play involves stimulating the senses to enhance pleasure. Putting their sub through different sensations allows a dom an element of control, where they can derive pleasure from watching their sub’s reactions.

In action: The dominant can use various sensory stimuli to heighten the overall experience, focusing on touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. For example, feather play, body painting, wax play, temperature play can all be incorporated into sensual domination.



Praise kink involves deriving pleasure from receiving verbal affirmations, compliments, or praise during intimate or sensual activities. The submissive partner may find positive reinforcement and acknowledgment highly arousing.

In action: The dominant can bring praise into various scenarios, expressing admiration, encouragement, and appreciation during sensual domination. For example, ‘you take it so well’ ‘you’re so good at following my direction.’


Light bondage🧣

Light bondage in sensual domination involves restraining the submissive partner using soft restraints, scarves, or cuffs. The emphasis is on comfort and sensuality rather than strict immobilisation.

In action: The dominant can use gentle bondage to enhance the submissive’s feelings of vulnerability and trust, creating a heightened sense of anticipation. For example, tying a silk tie around the submissives’s wrists.


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Gentle impact play🏏

Impact play involves consensual striking or spanking, but in sensual domination, it’s done with a lighter touch and a focus on the sensory experience rather than intensity.

In action: The dominant can incorporate gentle impact, paying attention to the submissive’s reactions and ensuring a pleasurable rather than painful experience. For example, strikes with a soft paddle to non-sensitive areas.

Massage and body worship💆‍♀️

Guess what? It’s not always the submissive who has to go the worshipping. In sensual domination, it’s common for the dominant to massage and body worship involve using touch to explore and appreciate the submissive partner’s body.

In action: The dominant can focus on providing pleasure through touch, creating an intimate connection while acknowledging and celebrating the submissive’s body. For example, sensual massages, kissing, and adoration of specific body parts.



Role-playing in sensual domination allows partners to explore different scenarios and dynamics. This helps to reinforce the D/S dynamic through roles, without having to involve pain or degradation.

In action: The dominant can explore role-playing scenarios that align with the submissive’s fantasies, fostering creativity and enhancing the overall sensual experience. For example, doctor-patient, boss-secretary, artist-muse.


Tease and denial🤏

In sensual domination, tease and denial involves creating sexual tension through gentle touches, kisses, or caresses, without immediately gratifying the submissive partner’s desires.

In action: The dominant can employ teasing techniques to build anticipation, creating a heightened state of arousal before allowing gratification. For example: edging, ie, pleasuring your partner until they are close to orgasm, but stopping before they reach it.


Verbal domination and dirty talk💬

Verbal domination includes using commanding or seductive language to guide and heighten the submissive partner’s experience. Dirty talk involves explicit and arousing verbal communication.

In action: The dominant can engage in consensual verbal domination, expressing desires, giving commands, or using dirty talk to enhance the erotic atmosphere. For example: ‘Show me how good you are.’ ‘Don’t stop until I say so.’

Ultimately, sensual domination establishes the D/S dynamic through control. The dominant maintains the power through being the one in command without being degrading or inflicting real pain. As the sex industry gears more and more towards sensuality and sacred sexuality, this gentler, more sensory approach towards domination is increasingly popular.


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Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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