Ball busting

When life kicks you in the balls, turn it into a kink.

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Leave what's acceptable at the door, and play with Me.

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Cum & fulfill your fetish’s with me…..

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Ready to punish you and use you as my plaything

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What is ball busting?

What is ball busting?

When life kicks you in the balls, turn it into a kink.

Ball busting is a sub-kink within the larger kink of CBT (cock and ball torture).  In Japanese, it's called  Tamakeri. It entails one person kicking, punching or stepping on another's testicles. 

What makes it hot?

We all know that getting kicked in the balls is pretty much one of the most painful things that can be done to a guy. So for all the ultra-masochists out there, ball busting is a bit of a dream.  To many, it represents the ultimate domination. It also feels very intense, similarly to being choked, it's a lot of physical pressure, which can then transform into excitement. 


When done consensually, with communication, proper precautions, and respect for limits, ball busting can be safe. Safety measures, such as using protective gear and starting slowly, are essential to minimise the risk of injury.

While pain is a common aspect, some individuals find elements of humiliation, power dynamics, or the intensity of the experience to be the primary source of arousal in ball busting.

Some practitioners suggest that ball busting can be a form of stress relief or a way to explore power dynamics within a consensual and controlled environment.


Consent: Obtain explicit and enthusiastic consent from all parties involved before engaging in ball busting activities. Discuss boundaries, desires, and expectations.

Safe words: Use a safe word or signal to allow the submissive to communicate if they need to stop or slow down the activity. Respect the use of the safe word immediately.

Start gradually: If you're new to ball busting, start with lighter intensity and gradually increase it based on the comfort level of the participants.

Safety measures: Consider safety measures, such as using protective gear (e.g., cups), to minimise the risk of injury. Ensure the environment is free of hazards.

Check-in: Regularly check in with your partner during the activity to ensure they are comfortable and consenting to continue.


Ignore limits: Respect the limits set by all parties involved. If someone expresses discomfort or wants to stop, cease the activity immediately.

Neglect communication: Avoid engaging in ball busting without a thorough discussion about desires, limits, and expectations. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and potential harm.

Disregard safety: Do not neglect safety precautions. Use protective gear, check the environment for hazards, and be aware of potential risks involved in ball busting.

Be reckless: Avoid being overly aggressive or reckless, especially if you're not familiar with your partner's tolerance levels. Gradually increase intensity based on mutual comfort.

Skip aftercare: Aftercare is essential. Do not neglect the emotional and physical well-being of the submissive after the session.