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Manuel Dancer London
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Male, Gay, London

Live 4 love. Dance or die.

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gemmarosepole Dancer Sheffield


Female, Pansexual, Sheffield

I am a stripper and pole dance instructor. I am a lover of all things erotic and providing sensory tantalising experiences. I am experienced in strip club and private work. I love to provide companionship, company and pleasure through stripping and lap dancing.

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What is a dancer?

Making your heart beat to my rhythm.

A sensual dancer is someone who specialises in creating dance performances that prioritise sensuality and intimacy with an audience a single viewer, or even with a dance partner. A sensual dancer can be many things such as a stripper, a pole dancer, an interpretive dancer, a belly dancer and more.  Unlike some forms of traditional dance, most sensual dancing is geared towards creating an immersive experience that stirs the senses and fosters a connection between the performer and the viewer, or the dance partner. 


What makes it hot?

The idea of sensual dance is exciting because it offers a unique and immersive form of entertainment. Watching a sensual dancer allows individuals to experience a blend of artistry, passion, and sensuality. The excitement lies in the anticipation of being drawn into a world where every movement is an invitation to explore desire and connection.



Respect boundaries: Always be mindful of the dancer's comfort and adhere to any boundaries they may communicate.

Engage respectfully: Appreciate the performance and express admiration without crossing into inappropriate behaviour.

Follow venue rules: If you're watching a dancer in a venue, you should adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the venue to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.



Touch without consent: Respect the personal space and boundaries of the sensual dancer. Avoid any physical contact unless explicitly invited or permitted.

Disrupt the flow: Refrain from disrupting the performance with loud conversations, excessive noise, or distracting behavior. Maintain a respectful and quiet atmosphere to allow everyone to fully enjoy the experience.

Make inappropriate comments: Avoid making inappropriate comments or gestures towards the sensual dancer. Keep conversations and expressions respectful, appreciating the performance without crossing into offensive or uncomfortable territory.



Is it appropriate to tip a sensual dancer during their performance? Check with the type of sensual dance that you are viewing first, but on the whole tipping is generally encouraged as a way to show appreciation for a sensual dancer's artistry.

Can audience members request specific songs or styles during a sensual dance performance? It depends on the venue and the dancer's preferences; some may accommodate requests, while others may have a set routine.

Can you see sensual dance outside of a strip club? Yes, many forms of sensual dance are not necessarily found in strip clubs. Many sensual dancers and strippers can do private performances for events.


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