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Male, Straight, London

I'm 36 y old, artistic soul,polite, looking for some adventure,with couple. I'm straight, sory but no experience with this type of meetings.... we can do the psychedelic body painting;)

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Body Painting

What is body painting?

My skin is your canvas.

Body painting in the realm of erotica is an art form where the human body serves as the canvas for sensual expression. It involves the application of paint, pigments, or temporary tattoos directly onto the skin, often accentuating or concealing certain features to evoke eroticism and arousal. Body painting transcends traditional boundaries of nudity and embraces the beauty of the human form, intertwining sensuality with creativity.

What makes it hot?

What makes body painting in erotica so exhilarating is its ability to blur the lines between art and intimacy. The tactile sensation of paintbrushes or fingers gliding over the skin, the anticipation of revealing or concealing parts of the body, and the visual transformation that unfolds with each stroke all contribute to a heightened sense of arousal and connection. It offers a unique form of self-expression and exploration, allowing individuals to shed inhibitions and embrace their sensuality in a liberating and exhilarating way.

Yes, as long as non-toxic, skin-safe paints are used, and proper hygiene practices are followed, body painting is generally safe for the skin. It's essential to test a small patch of skin for any allergic reactions before full application.

The duration depends on factors like the type of paint used, skin preparation, and individual body chemistry. Generally, water-based paints may last a few hours to a day, while alcohol-based paints can last longer but may require more effort to remove

While artistic skills can enhance the experience, they are not essential. Body painting in erotica is more about exploration and expression than technical proficiency. Experimenting with colours, shapes, and textures can be just as rewarding regardless of artistic background.


Communicate openly: Discuss boundaries, preferences, and expectations with your partner beforehand to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Prepare the skin: Cleanse and moisturise the skin before painting to ensure a smooth canvas and easier paint removal afterward.

Experiment: Explore various painting techniques, such as blending colours, adding textures, or incorporating stencils, to enhance the sensory experience.


Unsafe materials: Avoid using paints or pigments not intended for skin contact, as they may cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Neglect skin care: After body painting, gently cleanse the skin with mild soap and water to remove residues and moisturise to prevent dryness or irritation.

Rush the process: Take your time and enjoy the journey of body painting. Rushing can lead to mistakes or discomfort, detracting from the overall experience.

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