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What is dogging?

What is dogging?

Let's be car park porn stars.

Dogging refers to a sexual activity where individuals engage in acts of exhibitionism or voyeurism in public places, often involving strangers. Participants may engage in sexual activities in outdoor settings, such as parks, car parks, or other public spaces, with the intention of being observed by others.

What makes it hot?

The excitement of dogging stems from the thrill of engaging in sexual acts in public spaces, combined with the potential for being observed by others or participating in a group setting. The arousal often comes from the risk of discovery and the exhibitionist or voyeuristic elements, allowing individuals or couples to explore their sexual desires in a unique and unconventional context.

Online forums or communities dedicated to dogging may provide information about safe and consensual locations. Prioritise communication, consent, and discretion.

Dogging often involves unwritten rules, such as respecting boundaries, obtaining consent, and maintaining discretion. Participants may establish specific rules within a group setting.

Use discretion in choosing locations away from well-traveled areas, avoid unnecessary noise, and be mindful of surroundings. Communicate with other participants about maintaining privacy.


Consent and communication: Prioritise clear communication and obtain consent from all involved parties. Discuss boundaries, expectations, and comfort levels beforehand.

Choose discreet locations: Select outdoor locations known for discreet or secluded areas to minimise the risk of unintended observers. Be mindful of the environment and potential legal implications.

Practice safe sex: If engaging in sexual activities, practice safe sex by using protection. Carry necessary supplies and dispose of them responsibly.


Disregard consent: Consent is crucial. Do not engage in any activities without the explicit consent of all participants involved. Be respectful of boundaries and signals.

Public disturbance: Avoid engaging in activities that may disturb the public or attract unwanted attention. Choose locations away from residential areas or areas where non-consenting individuals might be present.

Neglect privacy concerns: Respect the privacy and comfort of others who may accidentally come across the activity. Be mindful of the potential impact on those who did not provide consent to witness such acts.