Real men wear mini skirts.

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What is a femboy?

What is a femboy?

Real men wear mini skirts.

A femboy refers to an individual, often assigned male at birth, who embraces and expresses femininity in their appearance, behaviour, or gender presentation. Femboys may adopt styles traditionally associated with femininity, such as clothing, grooming, and mannerisms, while not necessarily identifying as women.

What makes it hot?

The appeal of femboys lies in the celebration of gender fluidity and the breaking down of traditional gender norms. Many find excitement in the fusion of masculine and feminine elements, appreciating the unique and authentic expression of identity. Femboys challenge societal expectations, providing a space for diverse gender expressions within a consensual and supportive framework.

No, femboys may or may not identify as transgender. Gender identity varies among individuals, and being a femboy is about gender expression rather than a specific gender identity.

Yes, femboys can have any sexual orientation. Being a femboy relates to gender expression, while sexual orientation pertains to romantic or sexual attraction.

Offer support by respecting their identity, using preferred pronouns, and being open to understanding their unique experiences. Communicate openly about their comfort levels and needs.


Respect pronouns: Use the pronouns that femboys prefer and respect their gender identity.

Open communication: Engage in open and respectful communication to understand their preferences, boundaries, and comfort levels.

Celebrate individuality: Appreciate the uniqueness of each femboy, recognising that their expression of femininity is a personal and empowering choice.


Assume identity: Avoid making assumptions about a femboy's gender identity or personal history. Let them share that information if they're comfortable.

Disregard boundaries: Respect their personal space and boundaries. Don't make unwarranted comments or engage in intrusive behaviour.

Stereotype: Refrain from stereotyping femboys based on appearance. Understand that their expression is diverse and multifaceted.

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