Tell me how to touch myself.

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Your pain is my pleasure 😈⛓️🖤

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Offering online domination from a sexy and professional Domme.

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The mean Mother you have always wanted.

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What is JOI?

What is JOI?

Tell me how to touch myself.

JOI, or Jerk Off Instruction, is a form of sexual content or play where one person provides explicit instructions or encouragement to another person for the purpose of self-pleasure or masturbation. This can be presented in various formats, including written instructions, audio recordings, or video content. A content creator might be someone who is well-versed in JOI. 

What makes it hot?

The excitement and arousal associated with JOI come from the explicit and often personalised guidance provided to individuals seeking solo sexual pleasure. The appeal lies in the combination of verbal encouragement, explicit instructions, and the fantasy of being guided by someone else's voice or words during the act of self-pleasure.

While JOI can be enjoyed in long-distance scenarios, it's not exclusive to them. Couples or individuals in close proximity can also engage in JOI as a form of erotic play and communication.

JOI can take various forms, ranging from explicit and intense to more sensual and teasing. It depends on the preferences of those involved.

Initiate a conversation about desires and interests. If both parties are comfortable, share fantasies and explore the possibility of incorporating JOI into the sexual repertoire.


Communication and consent: Ensure clear communication and obtain consent before engaging in JOI. Establish comfort levels, boundaries, and preferences.

Customisation: If providing JOI content, consider the preferences and limits of the recipient. Customising instructions based on their desires can enhance the experience.

Create a comfortable environment: Set the mood by creating a comfortable environment, whether through lighting, music, or other elements, to enhance the overall experience.


Assume preferences: Avoid making assumptions about the preferences or comfort levels of the individual receiving JOI. Always communicate and respect boundaries.

Disregard consent: Respectful and consensual engagement is essential. Do not proceed without explicit consent, and be attentive to any cues indicating discomfort.

Ignore aftercare: If applicable, consider aftercare. Some individuals may benefit from a debriefing or comforting interaction after the JOI experience, especially if it involves intense fantasies.