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Hello:) I'm Eileen. I'm a photographer model and content creator from the Netherlands. Still checking out what this site will bring.

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Sensual photography

What is sensual photography ?

Turning pixels into passion.

Sensual photography is a genre of photography that specialises in capturing images that emphasise the intimate and romantic aspects of its subjects. This style focuses on creating a mood and atmosphere that showcases sensuality in a suggestive yet tasteful manner.

In sensual photography, the key elements include the use of soft and flattering lighting, intimate and cozy settings, and poses that convey confidence, vulnerability, or a romantic essence.

Unlike explicit or erotic photography, sensual photography aims to hint at sensuality and allure rather than displaying it overtly.

This approach makes it a popular choice for personal portraits, often created as meaningful gifts for a partner or as a form of self-expression and body positivity.

The subtlety and artistry in this genre lie in its ability to capture the beauty and elegance of its subjects, making it a distinct and cherished form of photography.

What makes it hot?

Sensual photography excites by seamlessly blending the art of photography with the intimate allure of the human form. What makes it appealing is its ability to capture the beauty of the human body in a tasteful and artistic manner, celebrating sensuality and evoking powerful emotions. The appeal lies in the careful balance between aesthetics and intimacy, allowing individuals to explore and express their sexuality through the lens of creativity. 

Look for a photographer with experience in intimate or boudoir photography who demonstrates professionalism, a respectful approach, and a portfolio aligned with your aesthetic preferences. Discuss expectations and boundaries beforehand.

Of course, sensual photography can be tastefully executed by focusing on artistic expression, lighting, and composition. It's essential to communicate and collaborate with all involved parties to ensure a comfortable and consensual atmosphere.

Absolutely. Privacy is crucial in sensual photography. Discuss and establish clear guidelines for who will have access to the images and how they will be stored. Choose photographers or platforms with secure practices to safeguard your intimate visuals.

On queer erotic photography: meet Imogen Cleverley

Posted by Iso

Friday 13 October 2023

Sensuali chatted to the London-based artist making queer erotic photography, Imogen Cleverley. We spoke about the influence of 80s DIY punk queer-core on their work, the misconception that art and porn can't overlap, and the need to make more space for difficult conversations and anger within the queer art scene.

Intimate sensual photography: meet Sébastien Rabøin

Posted by Iso

Friday 18 August 2023

We chatted to Sébastien Rabøin, the Québec-based artist who specialises in intimate sensual photography. We spoke about nudity through art history, methods to make a model feel at home, and the over-sexualisation plus accompanying shame that society perpetuates towards the human body.

Authentic sensual photography: meet Sascha van der Werf

Posted by Iso

Friday 11 August 2023

Sensuali chatted with Sascha van der Werf, the distinguished Vienna-based artist who creates elegant and authentic sensual photography. We spoke about his collaborative approach with models, the importance of photo captions, and the pleasure of making clients fall in love with themselves again.

Sensual photography: a short introduction

Posted by Iso

Monday 24 July 2023

What is sensual photography? Well, it's not simply all about sex. Sensual photography is about creating visceral pictures that feel intimate, sometimes alluring and often charged with emotion. Here's a short introduction.

Art in the context of sexwork: In conversation with Circe

Posted by Iso

Thursday 20 April 2023

As an artist sex worker, making art about your sex work experiences is not unheard of, but what about the other way round? What about bringing your artistry into the realms of your sex work? I chatted to Circe about her journey as an artist and a sex worker, and how her artful erotic photoshoots allow her to express her creativity whilst also bringing in clientele.


Communication and consent: Prioritise open communication and obtain explicit consent from all parties involved before engaging in sensual photography. Discuss boundaries, comfort levels, and the intended use of the images to ensure a respectful and consensual experience.

Professionalism: If working with a photographer, choose someone with a professional and respectful approach to ensure a comfortable and safe environment. Clearly define expectations, review portfolios, and discuss any concerns or preferences before the shoot.

Privacy and security: Take measures to ensure the privacy and security of the images. Discuss who will have access to the photographs and establish guidelines for their storage and sharing. Respecting the confidentiality of intimate images is crucial in maintaining trust.



Assume comfort: Never assume that someone is comfortable with sensual photography without explicit consent. Respect individuals' boundaries and be receptive to any concerns or changes in comfort levels during the process.

Disregard lighting and angles: Pay attention to lighting and angles to ensure the images are flattering and tasteful. Avoid using harsh lighting or angles that may make the subject feel uncomfortable or exposed.

Neglect post-processing etiquette: If engaging in post-processing or editing, maintain a respectful approach. Avoid altering images in a way that may compromise the integrity or authenticity of the subject. Strive to enhance without distorting.