If, like the rest of us, you’re amazed by the idea that findom is a real thing that actually exists and pays people’s bills (and a lot more than that), then you’re in the right place. If you’re remotely involved in the world of BDSM, you might have heard a lot about findom but you might still not be entirely sure of how it really works. Here are some popular financial aspects that make a findom relationship what it really is.

Customised findom tasks

There’s no real set way to explore the findom kink. You can be as creative as you like. A paypig can pay you each time they fail to meet demands, they can pay you every sunday at 10am, they can even pay you whenever they actually do well and achieve something (if you want to be really nasty). It’s all about customising the experience to satisfy both partner’s kinks to the max. 


Findom financial challenges

The findom dynamic is infused with excitement through the introduction of carefully crafted financial challenges and objectives. These challenges not only demand the submissive partner’s dedication but also inspire creativity in meeting specific financial goals. The accomplishment of these goals becomes a powerful manifestation of the findom power exchange.


Controlled findom financial access

Meticulous control over the submissive partner’s access to financial information, including bank accounts and investment portfolios, is granted. Limited access or explicit permissions for financial inquiries serve to reinforce the power dynamic inherent in the findom relationship.


Scheduled findom rewards

A structured schedule for findom rewards seamlessly integrates positive reinforcement, acknowledging the submissive partner’s unwavering compliance and commitment within the findom relationship. The reliability and regularity of these rewards significantly contribute to fostering a perpetual sense of anticipation and fulfilment within the findom dynamic.


Joint findom ventures

Collaborative findom ventures and investments immerse both partners actively, reinforcing the cooperative nature of the findom relationship. This collaborative financial engagement also provides the dominant partner with an avenue to guide financial decisions within the realm of findom.


Public displays of findom submission

The exhilaration of public displays of financial submission within the findom realm is delved into. From symbolic tributes to public donations, these acts of financial exhibitionism add an extra layer of intensity and arousal to the findom relationship.


Variety in findom punishments

A diverse array of findom punishments for instances of disobedience is infused, ensuring that consequences are both multifaceted and proportionate to the nature of any infractions. This commitment to variety keeps the findom power dynamic interesting and responsive to the submissive’s behaviour.


Findom financial edging

The submissive partner is immersed in the tantalising concept of “financial edging,” where they are brought to the precipice of financial release before being granted or denied satisfaction. This strategic and suspenseful practice adds an electrifying layer of intensity to the findom power dynamic.


Findom financial reviews and audits

Regular findom financial reviews or audits are conducted to meticulously assess the submissive partner’s financial activities. This practice not only upholds transparency but also underscores the dominance and control wielded by the dominant partner within the findom relationship.


Incorporate findom technology

Cutting-edge technology is leveraged for real-time findom financial control, employing money management apps or digital platforms to monitor and direct the submissive partner’s financial activities.


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Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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