Ugh! Ever have a sugar date planned but no matter how hard you try you just don’t feel in your manic-pixie sex pot doe-eyed nymph f*ck-my-way-to-the-top master manipulator trophy wife mode? Same.

Whatever type of sugar baby you are, here’s a Sensuali playlist to psych you up for a date when you’re not in the mood.



Freak – Doja Cat

I feel this is such a good song to listen to before a sugar date because the lyrics are so dirty but it sounds as though it’s all sung through an innocent sweet smile. 

It’s hard to pick out a stand out lyric because the whole song is absolutely exceptional, but Doja’s voice all high and loose at that part where she’s like ‘Skirt off, fuck in the backseat, take that shirt off, baby, put it on me…’ If that doesn’t get you in the mood to meet a big baller business daddy, what will?


Fucked My Way Up To The Top – Lana Del Rey

You must be kidding yourself if you truly think this playlist isn’t going to be swarming with Lana songs. It’s hard to whittle the selection down when her entire discography is about old men. She really does get you in the sugar babe mode like no one else. She makes being feminine feel powerful, she simultaneously acknowledges the sadness and the immense pleasure of being a girl.

She addresses her submissive sexuality, her love for older men, and shamelessly using men for their dollar, and in doing so she has played a big part in revolutionising sex positivity in music today. With her caramel voice that can swerve suddenly to be low and sultry whispering out: ‘I fucked my way up to the top, this is my show’, how can you not feel inspired to seduce a billionaire?


Fuck Me Pumps – Amy Winehouse

‘Without girls like you, there’s no nightlife, all those men just go home to their wives’.. I can’t help but immediately relate to the girl our beloved Amy is referring to in this song.

For all us messy sugar babes out there who just feel like they physically cannot live like a normal human being and sort their lives out, this is our self-deprecating anthem. But it does kind of make you romanticise your messiness. I can’t explain why, but it’s also such a Libra song (shoutout to all the libra babies out there).


Whatever You Like (Cover) – Anya Marina

Okay but I quite literally used to play this on repeat en route to sugar dates. It’s so sensual and secretive but also innocent and cutesy. It just perfectly emulated the mood I was trying to get into.

Hilarious that the original song is by American rapper, T.I., Anya totally switches it up. ‘Late night sex so wet and so tight, I’ll gas up the jet for you tonight baby, you can go wherever you like.’…I mean…come on…it’s hot. Also a good one to play during a date if there’s a speaker on hand !


Where Diamonds Grow – Marina and the Diamonds

Unavailable on Spotify, so listen here. Marina was my idol when I was a teen and probably who my entire identity is rooted in. This one’s especially relatable for London sugar baby, as at the start she says ‘ I’m attracted to the city, men most suited, sexy booted, walking down on Liverpool Street.’ and later says ‘We give head, if you give tails’.

It’s kind of a wacky song, but it gets me in the ironically playing super-femme, super dumb to daddies mood. 


Partition -Beyonce

Beyonce singing ‘Oh, there daddy, daddy now you ripped my fur’-  it’s a yes from me! Plus that sexy french bit at the end ‘Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe? Le sexe.’ (fun fact- it’s actually sampled from the French version of The Big Lebowski’.

This one’s another oldie but goldie. Anything by Beyonce has you feeling like a goddess but this one has you feeling like a SEX goddess. It will get you pumped to put on a show. 


7 Rings – Ariana Grande

For all the trophy wife babies out there, this is your tune. When I’m feeling hyper-femme this song is blasted through my apartment. It’s giving bratty, high-maintenance baby who shares her hubby’s riches with all her besties.

Basic it may be, but that’s kind of part of the charm IMO! If you’re feeling not so confident before a date, this one is such a hype up song. 


National Anthem – Lana Del Rey

‘Money is the anthem of success, so put on mascara and your party dress!’ Hell yeah! Say it louder Lana! I bet this one would hit different if you’re American. In my opinion the demo is better, and admittedly, the sped up TikTok demo is even better.


I F****d Your Mom – Sorry Mom

What about those of us out there with sugar mamas? It’s not all about daddies…This song is literally iconic. A female two piecer where both of the singers admit they fucked each other’s mums. Are you kidding? Love it.

If you’ve got a sugar mama, this one’s going to get you feeling pretty raunchy pre-meet. 


212 – Azealia Banks

If it isn’t the girl anthem of all girl anthems. What a timeless masterpiece. If you really can’t get in your super sweet sugar baby mode, then you best get into your fuck-you-pay-me mode, and this is the song that’s gonna do it. I have seriously never felt so boss.

It’s the song you forget that existed, until you hear it in the most random place. But in reality, this song should never be forgotten. Best to be played when you’re about to meet a daddy you don’t have any emotional feelings for. Even better to be played when you’re about to meet a daddy who you actively disdain.


Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey

A classic from her debut studio album Born To Die, this song is just such a bop. It describes the vibe of her dating an old (seemingly rich) man, and herself being a mess but him sort of loving that she’s a mess.

‘My old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood-red jam…he doesn’t mind I have a flat broke down life, in fact he says he thinks it’s what he might like about me, admires me, the way I roll like a rolling stone.’ It’s like Bonnie and Clyde, True Romance vibes. Like most of her songs to be fair.


Lemme Get That – Rihanna

‘Why spend mine when I could spend yours?’ So true, Ri Ri. It’s funny, how once you become a sugar babe, you start noticing lyrics like this so much more, and it feels so good to hear them. If you don’t start immediately swinging your hips when this song comes on, who actually are you? 


Sugar Baby – Megan Thee Stallion

‘I aint playing nice for a fucking plane ticket, and I ain’t coming over till I know how big your dick is’ Damn right Megan! That’s the attitude we like to hear. This really embodies the era of Pussy Power Music. If you’re in a pissy mood and kind of sick of your daddy’s bullshit, this song is going to really let you get out all of your anger and turn up to your date with a cute sarcy smile. 


St. Tropez – Lana Del Rey

This one’s for all of the party girls out there and the travelling babies. ‘Came tonight to put my work on display, bringing New York down to St. Tropez…I’m just a party girl, trying to get my drinks for free from you’, Lana’s shamelessness is what makes the song So. Good. 


Bad Girls – M.I.A.

‘Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well’…this is such a sex worker tune. Like, who more than sex workers can deem themselves a baddie? M.I.A.’s coolest of cool voice is all I need leaving the house and walking heading to a date in my mini dress and stompy boots. 


Stripper – Soho Dolls

I first heard this song on Gossip Girl when Blair strips at the club and Chuck watches at the back (hilarious). The cool British accent with the gritty low guitar is too naughty.

It just screams misbehaving in London at night time. One to listen to in a taxi en route to secret date. 


Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds

The high maintenance girl’s bop. Gold diggers unite. No one does dramatic sad girl pop like Marina. ‘You say that I’m kinda difficult, but it’s always someone else’s fault, got you wrapped around my finger babe, you can count on me to misbehave.’

If I really have no energy before a sugar date, this one gets me dancing around my room in no time and makes the whole idea of it seem fun. The music video’s cool too. 


Be My Daddy – Lana Del Rey

I know it’s another Lana song, but come on now, have you seen the title? How could I leave it out? Lana really started her career and thought…I am going to make a fanbase of sugar babies.

If you’ve met an older guy in a normal circumstance who has sugar daddy potential,  just send him this song, I’m sure he’ll get the memo! There’s also ‘You Can Be The Boss’, which has similar vibes. 


Jennifer B – Jockstrap

The electronic vibes in the song get me pumped for a late night date. And Georgia Ellery’s voice all high against the dark beat singing ‘I can be a stripper if you want me to’ is too good.

The chorus bursts into this flourishing girly sound as she sings ‘You got it, flaunt it, everything is good girl’, so it’s a song with a rare mix of darkness and empowerment. 


Friends – Elusin

This song makes me feel like doing bad things in a big city, and staying up till sunrise but Elusin’s floaty soft voice gets me in a sweet, soft mood too.

If I’m meeting a daddy who is more emotionally invested and wants something long term, this gets me feeling sensual and sentimental. 


Pretty Dark (Demo) – Grimes

‘Yeah you own me, like you own the world’, if you’re a sub, this line’s gonna sound good. Especially if your daddy’s a big dog. Plus Grimes baby-fied voice makes the song sound super cute.

Just try and ignore the fact that it might be about Elon to avoid being sick in your mouth. Jokes, (he’s kind of hot in a reptilian way)….

Sugar Baby



Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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