Learning about and exploring your body

Clients who come to me report having learned new pleasurable sensations that they never explored before, parts of their body that were never touched or never touched in a different way. FBSM ( full-body sensual massage) is a great experience to explore your body in a safe and trusting environment based on consent, your needs and preferences. You get to learn new things about you that can translate back into your dating life and enriching intimate relationships and overall well-being.

Enhancing relationships and foreplay

I see a lot of couples, either their partners come on her own or both are present. Most of the time the other person likes to watch her receiving a massage and they may or not join me. Sensual massage is a beautiful experience that enrich a couple’s dynamic and it’s a life long memory they can get back to in order to create excitement, lust and connection in their life. They also learn new ways to touch each other and what it feels good for their partner which then creates more options to their foreplay. When she is on her own, couples enjoy knowing their partners are being taken care of and receiving pleasure by another person and whey they get back to each other, it brings them even closer together. I met many couples who love the idea of their loved ones coming back to them after a sensual massage, where they can then have their own intimate time with this new shared experience.


Rubens Abreu, providing sensual massage for women in London.



Getting better at communicating about your pleasure and desires

A lot of women due to how they grew up and how they are told to behave in society, tend to act in a more passive way especially when it comes to their sexual needs and desires. Particularly in heterosexual relationships where the male pleasure is usually prioritised. I have seen a lot of women who are just shy and feel uncomfortable to ask for what they want when it comes to pleasure and physical touch, either because they are just not used to do that or they may feel they will upset or hurt their partner or the other person by asking. That creates a lot of unmet needs throughout their lives, so the sensual massage is a perfect time for them to express and ask about how they would like to be touched and their preferences, specially when it comes to the vulva massage.

I have seen over 100 clients today and no matter how good and experienced I get, and how much I learn what works for a lot women, there is always a new person who challenges what I know. People are just different and they have different preferences about how they like to be touched, and that is totally normal and should be embraced and accepted. Allowing my clients and encouraging them to communicate how they want me to touch them in a sensual massage it is very empowering and helps them not only to learn more about their bodies but also to create normality around asking for their needs and desires which translate to a more satisfied sex life.

Improves overall health and well-being

I won’t get into the whole physical aspects of what your body releases and what it happens when you are feeling pleasure, but we know now of the amazing benefits of experiencing even just some form of touch by another person, not necessarily in a sexual way. Pleasure is healing, and having a routine around your sexual pleasure and experiencing orgasm, will drastically improve
your mental and physical health. It will help with your stress and allow you to feel amazing feelings that so many are deprived from or just have forgotten or neglected that side in their lives. Pleasure should be a practice of self-love, shame-free, exploration and acceptance, and having a sensual massage can be a great way to explore that and incorporate these things into your life.


Rubens Abreu gives a sensual massage to a client.
Rubens Abreu.


Boost self-esteem and body confidence

The sensual massage experience allows you to feel comfortable with your naked or partially naked body in a very intimate way with another person. A safe space where you get to explore all the sensations and pleasures your body can create, based on your preferences and desires. To feel accepted and loved in that moment by being taken care of through physical touch and pleasurable sensations. It helps you to feel comfortable on your own skin and accept your beautiful body just the way it is.


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sensual masseuse

Rubens Abreu


Rubens was born and raised in Brazil and lived in Australia for nearly 7 years before moving to London, UK. He has been practicing massage since 2020 and has since become famed for providing women an intimate, special type of massage also known as Yoni (Vulva), Erotic or Sensual massage.

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